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NWA-UK news update: Johnny Moss returns

NWA (UK) Hammerlock fans attending shows during the recent October leg of their anniversary tour were treated to a surprise addition to the events when unscheduled appearances were made by Canadian heavyweight star Dru Onyx (aka) Son of Abdullah or as he also sometimes known Spirit of Allah.

Dru was involved in a series of tag matches were he was partnered by Young Danny Williams against the Irish rough houses Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey, the matches were top class and high impact with the hybrid combination of Young’s Danny’s high flying, the Irish teams all round ability and ruthlessness, added to this was Dru power and unbelievable speed and agility.
Anniversary Tour Rumbles On

The first leg of the NWA (UK) Hammerlock 10th anniversary tour was very successful and well received with some great matches, many surprises and much excitement, fitting with the traditional all round entertainment and value for money that has become the norm to be expected and supplied by Hammerlock, with representatives from NWA Ireland, IWS Canada, Midlands Pro Wrestling & Scottish Championship Wrestling taking part.

There were NWA (UK) junior heavyweight title defences and also on the title front the initial heats to crown a new NWA (UK) heavyweight champion began
during the tour, many new faces were on hand along with some of the established favourites.
NWA Ireland Live Events For November !!

NWA Ireland – Ireland Premier Professional Wrestling Promotion and Undoubtedly the First Professional Wrestling Promotion in recent years to train and have Irish Professional Wrestling Stars performing in Ireland on a regular basis are proud to announce our upcoming live events for November.

We look forward to entertaining and meeting our great fans at the following venues –

Saturday November 29th – CYMS Hall. Kildare Town. Co.Kildare at 7.30 pm.

Event to feature Stars from both NWA Ireland and NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling.
Event to include Dublin V Kildare Tag Team Challenge Match, Singles and Tag Team Contests and a 15 Man Over the Top Rope Rumble.

Sunday November 30th – Claremont Stadium. Commons Road, Navan. Co. Meath.

Event to feature Stars from Both NWA Ireland and NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling.

Event to include Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat Match, Singles and Tag Team Contests and a 15 Man Over the Top Rope Rumble.

Admission for these events is 10 Euro for Ringside Seats (all seats in the front row). All other seats are 8 Euro for Adults and 6 Euro for Children (under 12 years

Johnny Moss Returns
After a long absence from the ring former NWA (UK) heavy weight champion Johnny Moss made his long awaited and anticipated return to UK wrestling rings,  Moss who recently relinquished his title due to his long term injury showed he had not lost his touch when he defeated Scotland’s giant heavyweight Conscience in the normal smooth Moss style, although it has to be said that John is far from his usual self the old magic was still there and it is as predicted only a matter of time before he is back as big strong and good as ever.

This was only the second time John has wrestled since his injury, prior to this UK return he wrestled in an NWA tag match in September held in Kentucky, USA.

We all wish John well and look forward to seeing him much more in the very near future.