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WWE: Angle talks about surgery, Benoit being held back

Kurt Angle was the most recent guest on the Voice of Wrestling and it’s FM show aired on 92.7, KASR in Conway, Arkansas. He speaks about many things, from Survivor Series to Chris Benoit to his challenge to Bret Hart. He also talks about his neck-injury status and John Cena.

-Kurt begins by talking about Survivor Series. Kurt talks about the size of his opponents and having an advantage over his team. Team Lesnar together weighs over 1800 lbs, with Brock being the smallest of the bunch.

-Kurt considers John Cena being a huge asset. John can really talk a lot of smack and has the potential to put Team Lesnar off their game by talking a lot of trash in the ring. He calls Cena “entertaining as hell” and states that his biggest weapon is his mouth.

-Kurt next talks about working with Stone Cold and Vince McMahon and compares the fun he had doing the comedy bits as a heel with those two with doing similar bits as a babyface with John Cena. Kurt feels he had a better time and was more funny as a heel, because he could take things further and really let his character go. He predicts that down the road he’ll have just as much fun working with Cena as he did with Austin and McMahon.

-Kurt talks about the status of his neck injury. A couple of weeks ago, he was hurt by a chair shot delivered by Brock Lesnar. They’re taking things weekly and monitoring it, but Angle states he will not take it easy: Its not his nature. He’ll go out there like he does every single week and bust his ass.

-Chris Chisum brings up the recent friendly, “subtle” challenge to Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Hart took the offer as a compliment. Kurt says that that would really top off his career. He’s wrestled everybody he’s wanted to from Stone Cold Steve Austin to The Rock, Hulk Hogan to Brock Lesnar, and he has made them all tap. He says it’s not about winning: It’s about him putting on the best possible match. Before he leaves WWE, he wants to be considered among the best, and he sees Bret Hart as the best. To be considered as one of the best, he’d have to go up against the very best, and that’s Bret Hart.

-Kurt says his favorite wrestler to work with in the ring is Chris Benoit, without a doubt. The hosts then go on to ask about the possible reasons why Benoit is being “held back”. “They (WWE) have really taken their time with Chris, keeping him at a certain level for certain reasons. Some may think that it’s because he’s not that entertaining, not that good on the microphone, but Chris is the real deal: He’s legitimate and a tough son of a gun”.

-Kurt predicts that Benoit will probably “carry the ball” real soon. He says there’s nobody better in the business right now. “He’s a 202lb. guy who wrestles like he’s a giant and people believe in him. Chris’s “lack” of mic skills is not necessarily the reason he’s being held back”. Angle points out the example of Brock Lesnar’s first Title win: “Brock still wasn’t speaking on the mic at that time. Chris is earning his way a lot more than any other individual”.

– Kurt believes that Benoit is good on the mic: “When he cuts a promo, he goes out and shoots. He’s himself and doesn’t try to be a character”. Kurt believes that the time for Benoit was unfortunately right before he hurt his neck, and alludes to this as the reason why he hasn’t been placed in the elite yet, but will be there very soon.

-Angle says he’s done everything he can do in WWE, and its now all about putting on the best matches possible. He states you can’t earn the title of “Best Ever” in only four years. He believes that it will take him a couple more years to prove that he is at that level. He learned the quickest, and was considered among the best and wants to prove that. If it doesn’t happen, he can understand that: “Its not a very easy business to figure out”.