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WWE: Raw House Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

The crowd was estimated at 80% full, and was hot all night, which reflected in the effort of the wrestlers, as they seemed to feed off the crowd’s energy.

Coach is the host of the evening and asks the fans to rise for the National Anthem. Shortly thereafter La Resistance music interrupts and they do the usual anti-USA bit, enter Val Venis and Lance Storm. Match was batch and forth with solidly paced action. Finish saw Val pin Conway with the Hart attack clothesline.

John Heidenreich pinned Nick Dinsmore. Pretty much a squash as Dinsmore really could not showcase his talents in this one due to John’s inexperience.

Lita/Trish def Jazz and Molly, when Lita pins Molly with the Litasault. Lita was way over with the crowd. Fans were very into this match and it showed as all 4 ladies turned it up another notch.

Spike Dudley def Test w Stacy. Stacy threw a chair Test did the chair bounce off the rope spot setting up Spike for the Dudley Dog and the pinfall. After the match Test beat down Spike until Jindrak and Cade ran him off. They lifted Spike to his feet and gave him a beatdown saying what are you gonna do without your brothers, getting a decent heel reaction from this. An immediate challenge was issued to the Dudleys whom promptly responded.

Dudleys def Jindrak and Cade in a Tag Team Title match with the 3D on Jindrak for the pinfall.

Steven Richards w Victoria def Rico w Miss Jackie. Victoria was very over with the crowd as she and Stevie played the faces here. Stevie did a Crash Holly tribute by walking to the ring in the same manner as Crash did. Rico played to the crowd with his homosexual antics, which seemed to amuse the crowd as he has done in previous shows

Hurricane def Matt Hardy. Matt got a huge face reaction when he came to the ring, but then turned the crowd with a heel promo. Finish saw Matt seemingly have the match won, until Lita came out giving Matt the Lita-curanna which allowed Hurricane to deliver the shining wizard for the pinfall. Again fans were huge into Lita and seemed to enjoy this match.

Batista/Randy Orton def Booker T/Maven. All 4 seemed to have the working shoes on tonight as they all gave solid effort. Finish saw Booker T and Orton brawling outside which allowed Batista to give Maven the sit-down powerbomb for the pinfall.

RVD def Chris Jericho and Christian in a 3-way IC title match. RVD was over HUGE had the 2nd biggest pop of the night(hint hint Vince!!!) Pre-match saw Christian Jericho and Coach cut a promo saying how proud they were they got rid of Austin. It was basically a 2 on 1 the whole way with Jericho and Christian double teaming RVD. Christian turned on Jericho when Jericho was about to make RVD submit to the Walls and they started going at it. Finish came when RVD was left alone in the ring with Christian and hit the 5 star frog splash for the pin. RVD got an even bigger cheer when he won, and took about a 10 minute exit as he walked around the entire ringside area shaking hands with as many fans as possible.

Main Event for World Heavyweight Title
Goldberg def Kane via DQ due to Orton/Batista interference. Match was very fast paced and was much much better then you would expect between the 2. Fans were very into Goldberg as he was over huge. Finish saw Goldberg have Kane setup for the spear and Orton/Batista ran in for the DQ. Goldberg speared Batista, then speared and Jackhammered Orton to a huge pop. This allowed Kane to get up and Chokeslam Goldberg to close the show. Show ended when it was announced that Goldberg was still the champ and the fans went home happy with that.

All in all a very hot house show which as mentioned earlier the wrestlers fed off the crowds energy, and the crowd had a very enjoyable evening.

Biggest pops were for Goldberg, and RVD by far. Lita also was very over with the crowd as was Victoria.