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MLW: Press release – Low-ki/Homicide

Note: The following article has not been approved by Major League Wrestling management. It is an article that’s editor has published on the official MLW website in an effort to inform the fans and perhaps, even warn them.

Major League Wrestling makes it’s long awaited return to the Orlando, Florida area with its first doubleshot weekend at Tabu on Friday January 9th and Saturday January 10th. A myriad of International superstars are scheduled for these events including the Extreme Horsemen, Vampiro, Teddy Hart, and the Havana Pitbulls. It is going to be a welcome back party for Major League Wrestling as well as two back-to-back nights of what true hybrid wrestling is all about.

Within the offices of, however, there has been one painfully obvious and well, to be honest, just plain weird, match listing on the lineup for the January 9th event. Scheduled to headline MLW’s return to Tabu is a singles bout between Homicide and the debuting Low Ki.

Now both of these competitors are known for their fighting spirit and their well-known connection to each other. Homicide trained Low Ki in the dark and mysterious dojo known only as the Doghouse in Brooklyn, New York. Ki went on to become an International superstar with his exploits in Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE and All Japan Pro Wrestling in the Orient. At the same time, Homicide captured the Big Japan Junior Heavyweight championship and amassed a string of amazing matches across the United States in 2003 en route to his debut in Major League Wrestling. Upon his arrival, Homicide became the first MLW “Young Lion” to become victorious in his “Young Lions Challenge”, defeating no less of an accomplished star than Jerry Lynn.

All of these International accomplishments speak for themselves for Low Ki and Homicide’s record is equally impressive, but Ki has never competed for Major League Wrestling, while Homicide has been out of action for months with a throat injured suffered at the hands of Lynn. Why are they main eventing in Orlando?

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