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SCW Lion Rampant II – Card Update

From SCW:

“Fly The Flag” Ladder Match

The stipulations have been decided for the Saltire versus Aidan Corrigan match and this means the match is now a “Fly The Flag” Ladder Match.

Instead of an item hanging above the ladder, we will have two flags in different corners. The Saltire will be attached to one corner and the Canadian flag to the corner diagonally across from it. The aim of the match will be for either competitor to get to their flag, set the ladder in the middle of the ring, climb to the top of the ladder and stand with their respective flag held aloft.

Aidan Corrigan will win by holding aloft the Canadian flag and Saltire by holding aloft the Saltire, with the only major stipulation alongside that being that the ladder MUST be in the centre of the ring.

Tag Team Warfare

When your Promotion has four quality tag teams and no title for them to battle for, there’s only one thing you can do…TAG TEAM WARFARE!!! Four teams will go into this match at Lion Rampant II, with the winner being named the “uncrowned” Scottish Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Total Annihilation, The Averys, The Nattrass Boys and the team of Karl Harker & Paul Parisio will go into the four team elimination battle.

The rules of the match are that two teams will begin, the draw being made before the show commences. Those two teams will battle it out until one is eliminated, either by pinfall, submission or one member being thrown over the top rope and to the floor. Once the first team has been eliminated, the third team will enter and so on until we have a winner.

Back To School

After the finish to the Young Lions tag match at When Spirits Rise, it’s time for Billy Grange to take Pete “The Ref” O’Neil back to school. Billy has already made his thoughts known in his Young Lions Report card and, with Pete ducking the issue, the SCW Board have stepped in and made the match for Lion Rampant II.

For more information about the event and to buy tickets please see the link below.