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Premier Promotions results 17/01/04

In full results from the Premier Promotions show at Nantwich Civic Hall on Saturday 17th January:

Attendance – About 150


The Masked Emperor beat Mike Weaver

Weaver took the first fall in Round Two, but Emperor took the win after working on Weaver’s leg for a while, he took leg submissions in Rounds Four and Five.


Keith Myatt beat Ian Wilson

Myatt took the first fall in Round Two, Wilson evened it up in Round Four with a submission, but Myatt took the deciding fall in Round Five.

Afterwards, Wilson challenged Myatt to put up his pay for the evening against his to see who could win a 30-second bout. Myatt accepted and pinned Wilson again.


The Main Event

The UK Pitbulls beat James Mason & Five Star Flash

Fought with a sixty minute time limit as apposed to the Six Five Minute rounds of the opening two bouts, The Pitbulls took the first fall at the six minute mark with a powerbomb on Mason. Flash evened things up at the ten-minute mark with a top rope sunset flip on Big Dave, but The Pitbulls would not be denied as they took the win at the fourteen minute mark with a splash/legdrop combo on Flash.


Following the bout local favourites Keith Myatt and Mike Weaver challenged The UK Pitbulls to a match.


Mike Weaver won The Rumble.

The final three were Weaver and The Pitbulls, and Weaver was eliminated, but after Big Dave and Bulk refused to fight each other, they were disqualified, giving Weaver the win. They then accepted the tag challenge for a future show at this venue.