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WWE: Raw House Show, Madison, WI, 17th January 2004


Arena: Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Attendance: 1/2 full, the bottom areas were pack and the top was empty.
Last Time Here: January 2001

Show Begins

Coach comes out, kisses Wisconsin’s ass for awhile, then announces the card for tonight. Then brings us the U.S Army to do the national anthem.

Opening Match:

Matt Hardy vs. Spike Dudley
They open off with matt just pounding the snot of spike, then spike comes back. Matt Takes his shirt off then spike does to do a test of strength, usual stuff, matt goes first then spike comes back. Does a couple stomps on the neck, spike goes for the Dudley Dog but gets reversed in to the Twist of fate got that reversed in to a small cradle to win the match. *
Winner: Spike

Hurricane vs. Christian
Christian does the little chicken shit stuff, dances around the ring being scared of the “superhero”. Christian then works the chest of the hurricane doing some small standard stuff, hurricane comes back with clothesline after clothesline, which sets up for a high body press gets a 2 count. Then Christian hits a neck breaker for a 2 count bitches to the ref, while Christian is talking to the ref hurricane gets up to hit the Super Kick that gets reversed for a powerbomb and the 1-2-3. *1/2
Winner: Christian.

Tag Match Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs. Val Venis and Lance Storm, who supported a black band over his arm like someone who passed away. Lance Storm starts off with Cade, works with Cade on the mat with resthold and armbars, then Jindrak gets tagged to get tossed around with hiptosses by Storm. Val is getting all excited, until Cade and Jindrak start double teaming storm, and doing some awesome heel work tag stuff. Storm finally tags in Val Venis to start the crowd up, and both teams brawl, Val knocks Cade out of the ring then Jindrak out, then when they both come back in, storm does some awesome off the top moves like jump top rope and kick. Storm tosses out Jindrak to have Val whip Cade in to the ropes and looks like he is going for spinebuster but sets him up for storm to do the Hear-Attack for the win. **1/2
Winners: Storm and Venis

IC Title Match Randy Orton vs. RVD
Both start off posing to the crowd, then RVD starts working Orton left and right doing kicks to the gut and head and legs, to get Orton all pissed. Orton walks out of the ring and RVD is pissed and the ref starts counting and Orton walks down the ramp until the six count and then sprints to the ring. Where RVD picks up where left off and doing some kicks and works the corner punching Orton, monkey flips him to do the rolling thunder. Orton is down but gets up when RVD is doing the R-V-D chant then Orton starts messing with him again working some suplexes and backbreakers until RVD flips over Orton to start kicking the shit out of him, Orton gets beat for the split-legged moonsault, while going for the Five Star Frog Splash, he connects with it 1-2 foot on the rope by Orton, when RVD is complaining to the ref, Orton RKO’s RVD for the 1-2-3. ***1/4, Winner: Orton. Right after Orton starts the Evolution music, Kane comes out. Kane comes and waiting for RVD to get up and chokeslams RVD to hell. Then Booker T comes and makes the save with the REF to set up the next match.

Street Fight, Kane vs. Booker T
Booker T pounds Kane on the back, until booker t whips Kane in to the ropes and gets a stiff boot right into the face. Kane then works booker for awhile, Kane punches and chokes booker in the corner of the ring. Kane looks at the ref and tries to talk some sense into him, but Kane turns around to see booker kicking him in the gut to hit the Harlem Scissors kick, then the spin-a-roonie. Kane pops up to toss booker outside the ring and works on him on the mat. Gives a couple of snake-eyes on the rail, until then get a steel chair. Kane tosses the chair to the inside then booker, but when Kane was going to hit booker with the chair RVD comes out to hit the Van Daminator. Booker goes for the cover, 1-2-3. *1/4.
Winner: Booker T

Tables Match Dudleys vs. Test and Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner and Bubba start off, with Steiner over powering bubba. Steiner hits some suplexes and belly to bellys. Hits the military press and then does some push ups to taunt the crowd who is already pissed cause Test has been working them. Steiner tags in Test to have test work on bubba, doing the standard test stuff, sidewalk slams, and boots. And don’t forget the Jumping Jacks, tags back in Steiner, D-von is still fired up getting the crowd fired up, Steiner comes him works the neck, but when going for a punch Bubba Reverses it to set up the Bubba Bomb. Bubba tags in d-von who brawls with Steiner, until Steiner tags in test. Test gets doubled teamed by the Dudleys with move after move, then the WASSSSSSSSSSS Up. From there you know what happened, D-Von got the table. Well trying to set that up test and Steiner come back, test knocks d-von out of the ring, to work on bubba. Well doing that Steiner and test try to do a double suplex in to the table who d-von removes it. Then test gets clotheslined out of the ring to set Steiner up for the 3D. ***1/2 Winners: Dudleys. After the match Dudleys get the crowd fired up and then after Steiner left they broke off a huge part of the table then signed it and gave it to this kid and took pictures with him inside the ring.

* Intermission *

Coach comes back to bring out the next match, Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho.
Mark Henry powers Jericho in the beginning. Chokes Jericho on the ropes then uses his knees to power Jericho, teddy long chokes him then when the ref is talking to Henry, Jericho tries for some offence but gets suckered into a bear hug and backbreaker. Mark Henry holds the backbreaker for a couple minutes to get the crowd pumped. Jericho some how pulls a move to knock mark Henry down to set up the walls of Jericho. Teddy long comes up, Jericho talks to him when that happened mark Henry runs to the ropes knocks teddy long off the apron to have Jericho school boy him for the win. *1/4
Winner: Jericho

Fatal 4-Way Elimination Women’s Title Molly Holly (c) vs. Victoria vs. Lita vs. Jazz
It starts off with Victoria beating the crap out of each person, then her and molly get into a little pushing match. Molly gets kicked down by Victoria, who Jazz then comes and hits with a fishermen’s suplex.(Leaves Lita, Jazz, Molly) Jazz then gives a bear hug to molly who then gets help from Lita. Jazz gets worked by Lita with headscissors, then when jazz gets up Lita Plants Jazz with a DDT. Now down to Molly and Lita, who then Lita tries to go for the twist of fate but gets pushed in to the turnbuckle, molly school boys her for the victory and retains the Women title.3/4*
Winner: Molly

Main Event: Batista vs. HBK
Things start off with HBK being HBK saying to Earl Hebner please help me cause Batista is like a Little bit bigger then I am and just works with that and acting all scared of Batista. Batista opens off with a lock up who turns into Batista overpowering HBK. HBK tries running into Batista but on the 3rd time Batista catches him for a sidewalk slam. Then goes for the backbreaker submission, the crowd starts getting into it, HBK begins hulking up. HBK does the standard stuff, with the flying elbow then kick up. Batista shoots up to have the HBK give some what of spinebuster. HBK kicks up to start beginning the superkick, Randy Orton comes on to the apron, to get jaw-jacked. HBK turns and drills Batista for the victory.**3/4 After the match Orton was funny by acting like nothing happened and coach came to check on Batista, HBK was prancing around then comes back to sweet chin music to the coach for the loud pop. And refs came out to help coach, and then that was the show.

Overall Thoughts: In the first half and hour of the show, I was worried that it would suck but then Randy Orton and RVD changed everything. To set up a very entertaining show in the end. My disappointment was that the original main event was suppose to be Booker T and HBK vs. Ric Flair and Batista for the tag titles. And I wanted to see flair, and I haven’t seen flair in a WWF ring since 92 when I was about 3. The divas match sucked cause it was a too quick of performances, when they could of gone longer. But The main event kicked ass for what is was. But the only disappointment was flair not being there, but he is a major player.

Loudest Pops:
1) HBK
2) RVD
3) Jericho
4) Dudleys
5) Lita

Loudest Heel Heat:
1) Coach
2) Randy Orton
3) Batista
4) Theodore Long
5) Test