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King Of The Cage pulling scams?

Since the ‘King Of The Cage’ promotion in the USA first started there has been speculation on different occasions that they run shady business deals. King Of The Cage’s latest show is taking place tonight in Florida.

Just over an hour ago UFC, PRIDE and King Of The Cage veteran Chris Brennan, who also runs the Next Generation fight team out of California came on to the Underground forum on making claims that another shady business deal has gone down involving tonight’s show.

Chris was in Florida for the event because one of his students (Erica Montoya) was due to fight in the event. Chris came on the UG forum to expose what he believes to be their latest scam. The following information is based on the claims of Chris Brennan and not

Recently Chris got a call from the promoters of the show, as they needed a female fighter on short notice. After the exact details were exchanged between both parties they agreed on a fee for Erica Montoya to fight. When the NG fight team waited for their opponent to show up at the weigh-ins it turned out that the agreed opponent never showed up.

Therefore, a replacement was needed. The replacement came along and weighed in 5 lbs over the agreed weight limit. Also the NG fight team found out that the promoters of the event knew this all along so naturally NG said they would not take the fight unless the were compensated with more money. The promoters refused to comply with the team’s requests and therefore the promoters also "booted" the team out of their hotel.

Chris Brennan has made it clear that he has no intentions in dealing with the mentioned promotion in the near future due their unprofessional conduct and he went public with this information so the MMA community would know exactly what this particular promotion was like to do business with.

At, we acknowledge that this news item is only Chris’ account of events and we will update this story as soon as more news becomes available.