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Randy Orton, Tag Match at Wrestlemania, Backlash – SPOILERS

This post contains spoilers (especially for the UK), so if you don’t want to know – please don’t read on.

– On last night’s Raw, Mick Foley cut a promo regarding Randy Orton going AWOL from the Navy. This is a true story, as Orton was AWOL for over 80 days. He eventually gave himself up and he spent 38 days in a Military Prison.

Orton’s story was also featured on the ‘Before they were Superstars II’ DVD.

– It appears the WWE is building towards a Torrie/Sable vs Stacy/Miss Jackie tag match at Wrestlemania.

They are going with the storyline that Stacy and Jackie are jealous of Torrie and Sable’s Playboy shoot.

– have put up two promotional videos for the WWE’s April Pay Per View, ‘Backlash’, in their Audio/Video section.

One of the videos is the generic promotional video for Backlash that is currently being aired nationally.

The other video, features Booker T saying he would like to battle Chris Benoit for the World Championship.

A sign of things to come?