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Welcome one and all to another one of my personal insights in to the latest goings on in the UK Scene this week. In a hungover state it will be a coffee and red bull induced column but I am that much of a professional I don’t want to let me legion of avid readers down by having to wait any longer for the column. So here goes nothing…

Welcome one and all to another one of my personal insights in to the latest goings on in the UK Scene this week. In a hungover state it will be a coffee and red bull induced column but I am that much of a professional I don’t want to let me legion of avid readers down by having to wait any longer for the column. So here goes nothing.

It’s been a fairly quiet week all in all with news a bit thin on the ground but I will do my best as I do every week to provide you with the most comprehensive weekly column based on the UK grapple game on the net. So what news stories will I be focusing on this week I hear you ask? Well this week I will be talking about the FWA expansion and plans for 2004, WAW have been busy this week so I will get you back up to speed on the latest happenings and a historic week for NCW as tickets went on sale for their first show. So with all this could you really ask for more? Well if you can I will try my best to provide a few extra little stories just to make you happy.

As you all know the FWA have been on an 8 week hiatus over the December / January period to get everything back up straight in order as well as putting all the plans in place to make 2004 the most successful year yet. Well this 8 week period has been over for a few weeks now and still news was thin on the ground last week but this week has seen a turn in events which is starting to shape 2004 very nicely for the FWA.

I will start with the news that was leaked in a Daily Star article last weekend. Before it was formally announced or anyone got wind of Daily Star managed to get an exclusive by announcing that the big FWA comeback show will be on March the 27th at Enfield. The event takes place at the Southbury leisure centre and tickets are on sale now through the box office on 07930 218 243. As always this news has been widely reported and is already causing controversy due to an RBW event being held in the same area on the same date.

The only news we have on the card is that it will feature FWA regulars Alex Shane, Doug Williams, Ulf Herman and James Tighe. Though after speaking with the powers that be they say some big announcements regarding the event and the card will be made very soon. This news stories has spurred the FWA and its fans back in to life as the anticipation mounts about their comeback and possible feuds, storylines, events etc.

On top of this FWA announced their involvement in the new Future-Shock Wrestling gym in Manchester this week. Building on the reputation that the FWA academy in Portsmouth has built for itself the FWA decided to get involved in a training facility up North for those who are unable to travel down to the south coast. Trainers will include the likes of Alex Shane, James Tighe, Doug Williams and many more established FWA stars. Fore more information on this new facility go to:

This week has been a busy week also for another established group that being WAW in the run up to their big event today (14/2) St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. FWA star Alex Shane has been confirmed to appear at the event for some time now but this week WAW have been circulating press releases saying that Alex may not be the only FWA star to invade the Talk in Norwich this weekend. At the moment the mystery man is believed to be the biggest rising star in FWA history that being James Tighe. So we could see a strong FWA representation this weekend in Norwich.

Keeping on the live events front as it is the School half term holidays next week WAW have announced a series of Pontins dates across the country to entertain the families through the break. It will be the busiest week of the year so far for WAW with back to back shows even in some cases doing two shows a day. Here is how the schedule stands so be sure if any of these venues are near to you to get down to the venue to see some live WAW action.

  • Saturday February 14th: Southport

  • Sunday February 15th: Prestatyn

  • Sunday February 15th: Camber Sands

  • Wednesday February 18th: Southport

  • Wednesday February 18th: Hemsby

  • Thursday February 19th: Blackpool

  • Saturday February 21st: Southport

  • Sunday February 22nd: Hemsby

After last weeks big news of NCW signing Shane Douglas to appear at their debut show NCW thought it was the right time to put tickets on sale this week for the big show. The show takes place at the Reading Rivermead Leisure centre and tickets are priced from £12 – £15 and can be purchased by ringing the box office on 0118 901 5011 or in person at the complex box office. The event also features a list of talent which reads like a who’s who of the UK Wrestling scene names include Robbie Brookside, Scott Future, Dominator and Flatliner just to name a few.

There has been some sad news for FCW this week as they have had to cancel both shows planned for Great Barr but this far from a crisis in FCW as they have announced FCW Intimidation from Digbeth (which will feature an England vs. Ireland main event) as well as the event the week later in Baggeridge is still going ahead as planned. The official FCW website is currently being moved to a new host at the moment which is why it is down but it will be back online very soon.

This week Dan has produced another excellent UK interview this time with one of the most successful UK tag teams of recent times the UK Pitbulls. In this they clear up the whole X-Wrestling debarcle and shares news on upcoming bookings they have which includes having to miss the upcoming EWW show. To read the interview go to: The UK Pitbulls

I will end this week with the weekly X-Wrestling update. This week they announced the signing of yet another foreign wrestler that being former WWE star Zach Gowen. I think this is the best signing they have made yet promotional wise as he has only just come off WWE TV in the last 6 months so will draw a lot of fans but as I say every week just because you have more big names it doesn’t mean you are going to draw more people than just having a couple of big names but I would like to be proved wrong.

Until next time,

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