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T3C: Crunch time for the FWA

Fresh from a successful New Frontiers card in Brent Town Hall, the FWA are back at the Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hoddedson this Easter Sunday for Crunch 2004. With two great American imports and plenty of feuds ready to explode, this looks to be the highlight of the Easter wrestling weekend…

Another great FWA Card lies ahead of us on Easter Sunday at the Broxbourne Civic Hall. Time to cut the chat and get on with the Three Count preview of Crunch 2004

FWA Title:
Doug Williams v D’Lo Brown

Another top American comes over to the UK in an attempt to get the FWA Title away from Doug Williams. American Dragon and Steve Corino have already failed to do so but will the former WWE Inter-Continental Champion D’Lo Brown be able to take the belt back to the States? It’s not an impossible task, remember Christopher Daniels did exactly that at London Calling a couple of years ago. I don’t see it happening though unless D’Lo is booked for more appearances on FWA cards later this year. It should be a great main-event though. Williams is allergic to being in bad matches so this could be a bit of a classic.

But what about the future of the FWA Title? Williams has held the belt for a fair while now but hasn’t really been involved in any real feuds. I’d like to see someone like Alex Shane, Johnny Storm or whoever the new member of the Family is (well it could be either Storm or Shane, more on that later) and build a real feud leading up to British Uprising 3.

XPW European Title
Jonny Storm v Sonjay Dutt

For many of the fans it’ll be their first chance to see Indie Star Sonjay Dutt and by all accounts they won’t be disappointed. There’s already heat in this match as Dutt managed to get a victory over Storm in Bolton on Good Friday.

Now the XPW European Title really is pretty meaningless and I wish it’d be laid to rest asap! It does give Storm the chance to go up against some hot American imports but with his new heel persona well over with the fans, it’s time he started chasing the FWA Title. I reckon this could well be the match of the night and I go for Storm to keep his belt (well he would if he had one)

FWA Tag Team Titles
The Family v ??????

After a year of The Family being challenged by Alex Shane, Ulf Hermann, Nikita and anyone else who Alex could find to tag with, there’s new blood in the tag division. One thing is uncertain and that’s who will be challenging for the titles tonight. Number one challengers are the team of Burchill and Simmonz. Now that pairing only came about because of a backstage attack on the Duke of Danger and Simmonz is keen on his master getting fit and joining him for a tag title challenge. So who gets the title shot? Don’t be surprised if Dean Ayass gets in the ring alongside Burchill to fight the Family. He’s not too happy about the way Burchill is being treated and I for one wouldn’t like to upset Burchill.

So the title contenders aren’t established yet and another spanner could be thrown into the works when The Family announce their newest member, someone who can challenge for the top honours in the FWA. At New Frontiers, Drew McDonald became the new leader of the Family, so who’s next to join the top faction in the FWA?

If you read the UK Fan Forum then it looks as if Nikita could be making her comeback this weekend and joining the faction that made her life such Hell last year. There is an interview with Greg Lambert on FWA Radio that doesn’t discount the possibility of a woman joining the Family but would she really make much impact? I don’t think so. So who else could join?

Candidates include Mark Sloan, James Tighe, and Burchill. Sloan is a veteran in the FWA but his inclusion, alongside McDonald would make The Family more of a repeat of the Old School faction that was so successful in the early years of the FWA. James Tighe is on a losing run at the moment. He was a title challenger at British Uprising 2 but now he’s lost his Academy Title and lost match after match recently. A heel turn could do wonders for this talented guy. I think it could be Tighe but Burchill would be a better choice particularly if he was to be in the tag match at Crunch. He can turn heel (he’s a good heel in the Academy- was that a trial run?) and really establish his singles career in the FWA. Other options are Flash Barker who’s nearly fit and Jonny Storm. It promises to put the title match in the shadows but definitely adds a great deal of interest to the card and I don’t see the belts changing either.

FWA All-England Title
Hade Vansen v Zebra Kid in a Ladder Match

This could be another great match. The Zebra Kid had been a good All-England Champion and held the belt for a fair while. At British Uprising 2 he was due to defend his belt against Flash Barker but he couldn’t make the event and it looked as if the belt wasn’t going to be defending. However, renegade Hade Vansen just happened to be at ringside and had his wrestling gear with him. Minutes later Vansen was All-England Champion. They had a double DQ at New Frontiers and now the true All-England champion will be decided in a ladder match that promises thrill after thrill. I take Vansen to get a controversial victory here.

Alex Shane v Jack Xavier
Last Man Standing Match

These two have been at each other ever since Shane made some pretty controversial comments about Xavier on FWA Radio. Then again he makes controversial statements every time he opens his mouth! After their match at New Frontiers, this promises to be the hardcore match of the night. Could Steve Corino be about to appear again to continue his feud with Shane? No is the answer as he’s wrestling in Philadelphia on Saturday night, but he could always get someone to interfere couldn’t he. Hard match to call, like a few on this card but unless there’s interference I see the Alex Shane push continue. Then again, where’s Ulf Hermann this weekend?

James Tighe v Eammon Shrahan

Tighe is on a bit of a losing streak at the moment after the highs of 2003. He’s now up against the man who took his FWA Academy belt from him last year. Shrahan is a great prospect and has met Tighe on several occasions so expect another good match. Who’ll win? If Tighe is to join the Family then another loss here would point in that direction. It’s down to the booking really.

Simmonz v Stevie Knight

A bit of a card filler this one but with Simmonz being a heel that gets more cheers than some of the faces in the FWA, this should be entertaining. Could Burchill make an appearance to get his own back on the man who won’t tag with him for a title match? It also gives us a chance to see Simmonz in a singles match on a big card, how he gets on could decide his future in the company.

Tickets for the event cost between ten and thirty-five pounds. Box office number is 01992 441 946 Doors for this event are at 5:45pm. For more information about the FWA see:

Stephen Ashfield