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Eamon O’Neil added to RBW event

Press Release:

Young wrestling star Eamon O’Neil has been added to the Revolution British Wrestling event this Saturday in Enfield, London/Middlesex.

O’Neil is gaining a good reputation for a variety of Southern based promotions, and looks likely to become a major star in the years to come.

Eamon will be teaming up with Mark Shaman to take on Southern Alliance’s J.C Thunder and Chris Wyld in a British Tag Team Championship contest.

The rest of the event contains:

Saturday 17th April 2004
Revolution British Wrestling
Celbic Hall, Lancaster Road, Enfield, London/Middlesex
Doors Open at 7.00pm. Show Starts at 7.30pm.

The time has come for the fourth of the monthly series of events to take place at the Celbic Hall in Enfield, London/Middlesex, found next door to the RBW London Training Centre.

This event marks a special occasion, with the show playing host to the debut of a new RBW star, one of Britain’s most popular and greatest wrestlers, “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside. Brookside has wrestled just about every notable name in British wrestling past and present, and is still wrestling almost every night of the week up and down the country. Top career accomplishments for Brookside include taking on and defeating current WWE superstar Chris Jericho, teaming with Steve/William Regal (current WWE superstar) as a tag team in the UK, and having dozens of tours overseas across the world.

Robbie Brookside will be met in the ring by another wrestler with a twenty-year veteran background behind him, the former British Mid-Heavyweight Champion, Stoke-on-Trent’s Keith Myatt. Myatt is currently the head trainer at the RBW Nottingham Training Centre, passing on his vast experience to up and coming trainees of all ages. Myatt has been starring on RBW events for almost two years, and has made a strong impression on both the fans, as well as the other wrestlers.

The British Welterweight Championship is also set to be defended, with reigning champion Sammy Ray defending against the arrogant American star, Tex Benedict. Sammy Ray has recently been on a role in Revolution British Wrestling, defeating the former champion, “The Gift” Ross Jordan for the Championship at the last event in Enfield. Ray has also starred on television, representing RBW in “The Salon” and “Monkey Magic”.

Tex Benedict, the opponent for Sammy Ray, will be making his third appearance in RBW rings. Benedict was on the loosing end of a contest against the returning “English Bulldog” Matt Jarrett two months ago in Enfield, and looks keen for a return match down the line. Tex Benedict is rapidly gaining a great reputation for his wrestling ability around the country, and his first major achievement Championship-wise, would be if he could defeat Sammy Ray for the British Welterweight Championship.

Also on the cards is the third singles contest of the show, seeing an all-Hertfordshire clash between two young rivals, Kid Romeo and Rich ‘n’ Famous.

Kid Romeo is one of Britain’s top young stars looking to rise in the ranks of professional wrestling in 2004. Romeo has only appeared once for RBW to date, on the winning side of a six-man tag team contest which happened to star his opponent for this event on the other side.

Rich ‘n’ Famous is also a young star looking to make an impression, but unlike Romeo, he has to decided to go about it in the wrong way. The arrogant star is vocal about how he feels that he is already the best wrestler in the United Kingdom, and hasn’t received much in the way of support or belief by his fellow wrestlers or fans. Rich ‘n’ Famous was a deciding factor in last month’s RBW London vs RBW Nottingham 10-Man Trainee Tag Match in Enfield, as the special guest referee. The unfair referee cheated in favour of the London side, and in fact cost Nottingham the match at the end. However, the efforts of Rich ‘n’ Famous didn’t go rewarded, with him falling victim to a brutal attack from the 6ft 6ins giant of wrestling, Rainz.

All of this action, as well as an over-the-top Battle Gauntlet will take place on Saturday 17th April 2004. Tickets are in limited supply due to it being a small-size venue, and are available for reserve, with instructions found below.

Ticket Information

£7.00 – Adults
£6.00 – Children/Senior Citizens

Tickets can be purchased on the evening off the event at the venue, but we recommend that you reserve your tickets in advance, by using one of the methods described below:

Telephone – 07940 476612.
By e-mail – (please leave your name and number of tickets needed).

By Cheque/Cash/Postal Order etc – Please e-mail for instructions.

Online Payment – All major credit and debit cards are accepted via PayPal ( when sent to .

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