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Christian’s Injury, HBK taking time off & Booker T news

Christian has been kept off the road recently so he can rest the back injury that he suffered a few weeks ago during the cage match against Chris Jericho. Christian has been suffering painful back spasms stemming from the injury, and it the only real cure is a good amount of rest.

This injury is the type of injury that just needs time, and Christian has already been out nursing the injury for weeks. It is expected that Christian will be healthy enough to return on RAW next week, as management within WWE continues to show confidence towards Christian in being a key player in the company who they can build big storylines around.

Shawn Michaels is expected tobe taking some time off following the Bad Blood PPV as his wife is about to give birth to their second child.

Booker T continues to let it be known that he is very frustrated with the way his current push is working out on Smackdown, and the feeling is that he will be retiring “sooner than later”.