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RBW – Enfield Show – 19th June Details

Press Release

Revolution British Wrestling
Saturday 19th June 2004
Celbic Hall, 77 Lancaster Road, Enfield, London/Middlesex, EN2 0DW

Saturday 19th June 2004 sees the sixth British professional wrestling event held by Revolution British Wrestling at the Celbic Hall in Enfield, London/Middlesex, next door to the RBW London Training Centre.

Live wrestling has been featured five times recently at the Celbic Hall in Enfield, with the venue gaining a rapid reputation of being the home to top British professional wrestling action. The venue has seen some incredible events this year, including the epic six-round encounter for the British Middleweight Championship between Johnny Kidd and “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite, the RBW debut of “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside, the defeat of ‘The Gift’ Ross Jordan by Sammy Ray for the British Welterweight Championship and more.

This event will see the British Welterweight Championship on the line, as well as the highly anticipated eight-man tag team contest which sees the Southern Alliance group meet their toughest challenge so far, taking on a team led by ‘Wildcat’ Robbie Brookside.

RBW London ‘Next Generation’ Contest – To Be Confirmed

The first RBW London ‘Next Generation’ contest is due to take place at this event, between two of the graduates of the RBW London Training Centre, based next door to this venue.

“The Gift” Ross Jordan (Hertford) and Chris Wyld (Maidstone) vs Eamon O’Neil (Portsmouth) and “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite (Wolverhampton)

The Tag Team division within Revolution British Wrestling can only be described as competitive to say the least. The Southern Alliance currently hold onto the Championships, and have done for over six months, managing to defeat all challengers, usually with controversial tactics. RBW’s ruling that any three wrestlers can hold onto the Championships has been effective, with the Southern Alliance choosing Stixx, Chris Wyld and J.C Thunder to defend them.

Last month in Enfield, the team of Stixx and Chris Wyld managed to hold onto the Championships once again by defeating Sammy Ray and Stu Supreme.

In this contest, Chris Wyld will tag up with Southern Alliance member, “The Gift” Ross Jordan to take on the challenge of Eamon O’Neil and “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite. Both challengers have both had a crack at the British Tag Team Championship with different partners, Mark Shaman and Will Assault respectively. This is the first time that Eamon O’Neil and Cameron Knite have teamed together.

British Welterweight Championship – Sammy Ray (c) (London) vs J.C Thunder (London)

A singles contest for the British Welterweight Championship is promising to be a very interesting bout, putting Sammy Ray against J.C Thunder. The reigning and defending Champion, Sammy Ray who has held onto the Championship for three months is said to be looking forward to this contest. Ray has been recently featured on TV shows ‘The Salon’ and ‘Monkey Magic’, and is expected to be making some more TV appearances in the near future.

Opposing him in this contest will be Southern Alliance member J.C Thunder. For fans who weren’t at the last Enfield event in May, J.C Thunder to many people’s surprise ended up the winner of the Battle Gauntlet contest. His luck ran out later on that evening though, with him being caught by many angry wrestlers at the end of the event, and was subjected to a well-deserved beating from “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite.

Singles Contest – Stixx (London) vs “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside (Liverpool)

In heavyweight wrestling competition, the biggest member of the Southern Alliance, Stixx will do battle with one of the top stars of British wrestling, “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside.

Tension began between these two wrestlers at the April event in Enfield, where Stixx was responsible for the unfair elimination of Brookside from the evening’s Battle Gauntlet event. Unfortunately for Stixx, the decision was cancelled days later by RBW management, with the contest being declared a no-contest.

A month later, Stixx teamed with Southern Alliance team mate, the British Mid-Heavyweight Champion, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt to take on Brookside who was partnered by “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite. More controversy took place, with Barratt gaining the winning pin over Brookside whilst using the ropes as leverage.

MAIN EVENT – “Southern Alliance” – “The Gift” Ross Jordan, Chris Wyld, J.C Thunder and Stixx vs “Wildcat” Robbie Brookside, “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite, Sammy Ray and Eamon O’Neil

To round off the evening, one of the biggest matches in RBW history is set to take place, putting for of the Southern Alliance against a team of top British wrestling stars.

A similar contest was held back in April at an RBW event in Nottingham, which saw the team of Rainz, Sammy Ray, Will Assault, Alan Kilby and Johnny Kidd overcome “The Gift” Ross Jordan, Stixx, J.C Thunder, “Misfit” Jorge Castano and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Express” Blondie Barratt.

In this instance, there are a lot of scores to settle between both teams, with each competitor having a rivalry with at least one of the opposing team members.

This match may well be one of the most heated and emotional contests to take place in RBW, and we can expect to see a great contest here.

Full Information

Date – Saturday 15th May 2004

Venue – Celbic Hall, 77 Lancaster Road, Enfield, London/Middlesex, EN2 0DW.

Times – Doors Open at 7.00pm. Event Begins at 7.30pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.

Disabled Access – Partial, please enquire for more information.

Parking – Nearby.


Adults – £7.00
Concessions – £6.00

Booking Methods

Telephone – 07940 476612
E-mail – (this is for reserve-only).
Cheque/Cash/Postal Order etc – Please e-mail for instructions.
In person – Tickets will be available at all RBW Training Sessions.
Online Payment – All major credit and debit cards are accepted via PayPal and FastPay.


A full range of RBW merchandise will be available at this live event as well. Official video and DVD releases of previous RBW events, including all Enfield events (except for April) will be available, as well as keyrings, posters etc. Also, food and drink refreshments will be available.

Card Subject To Change

More information on this event can be found by visiting

Please either call 07940 476612 or e-mail if you are interested in going. Tickets will also be available on the door that evening.