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Torrie Wilson, Chavo Classic, New WWE dress code & More

WWE recently tried something on a non-televised event where Torrie Wilson would dress up like John Cena and deliver a rap before his match. Luther tried to get her to stop on orders of Kurt Angle, but she gave him a low-blow and slapped Kurt Angle before running off.

Chavo Guerrero Sr. decided to push his luck during the SmackDown-brand house show in St. Louis yesterday. He didn’t call in either, which left WWE scrambling. They decided to throw Chavo Jr. out and cut a promo saying he’d be taking his fathers place, due to the fact that his pops was in the back busy with some ladies.

WWE put their new dress code rules into effect this week. Now, all of the male workers are expected to show up to house shows in dress shirts and slacks, and females in more classy outfits. This kind of public attire was traditional for the PPVs and TV tapings, however people were usually more laid back for house shows, and more casual. Most of the wrestlers understand that WWE wants them all to look their best for the public, and don’t have any problems with the new house show dress code.

There were quite a few surprised people at a recent house show when Eddie Guerrero and John “Bradshaw” Layfield used some comedy in their match. The general feeling backstage was that since these two are in a very heated feud, there shouldn’t be any comedy during their matches.

WWE management has told Mark Jindrak to work harder at becoming a heel. The feeling is that he should be more over as a bad guy right now.