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FCW News Update

After his magnificent win in the main event of June’s Baggeridge show, new FCW Champion “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter has stated that he has no intention of defending the belt on July 25th. This news has upset a few people, including one Laken Xander, who was hoping to get a title shot. “After beating 5 other people in one match, I think I deserve the night off. In fact I think a few weeks off… As for you Laken, you’ll never get a title shot as long as I’m the champion so you can just kiss my grits!” said Rob when we caught up with him recently.

– The past few months have been a trying time for Morales, he has been frustrated by the fans who he feels haven’t appreciated all his efforts in the ring. Unfortunately for Spud he has been on the receiving end of this frustration. Last Baggeridge Morales nailed both A-Star Athlete and Kevin O’Neil with a steel chair and then accidentally struck Spud on the head. But apparently things have been sorted. Spud realises it was an accident and they are now back to being allies.

– FCW management recently received an e-mail from someone claiming to be “The Dreadlocked Warrior”. This “warrior” claims that he will be in attendance on July 25th and the FCW roster had better watch out. Sounds interesting…

– Innocence has a lot of explaining to do. Why did she turn on Laken Xander and join 4Play? She’s not so innocent, it seems. Innocence? More like SINnocence.

– With tag team action in FCW heating up, all the teams are trying to get one over on each other. At this moment in time it looks as though the team of The Judge and Falcon – Swift Justice – hold all the cards. But we’re sure The Party Boys, The British Connection and Devils Advocate will have something to say about that.

– It’s seems as though The Bouncer has finally seen the light. Can this huge fan favourite now take it to the next level?

– BB Steele seems like a little boy lost. GBH is on the mend but it maybe another 6 weeks till he is ready to return. How will BB cope without his tag team partner for so long?

– FCW Management have been innundated with emails from female wrestlers wanting to appear on the shows. We should be seeing our first ladies match on FCW soil real soon.