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Flair responds to Bret

Thanks to Kenny Q for sending in the following:

On one of the local radio stations in Charllotte, NC they talked to Ric Flair by phone. He came off as a nice guy more happy to answer the questions.

– Flair said Charlotte has been his home since 1974 and said that he loved Charlotte.

– They talked about the wonderful reviews that his book was getting.

– The guys on the radio said they had read the book and Flair made no bones about who he disliked in the business.

– He told them that one person who has been ripping him on the net is Bret Hart. Flair said that Bret said things about him in the Calgary Sun but Flair found it funny that Bret has been doing that. Flair said that he is going to appear on three Canadian television shows.

– The guys asked him if he was calling Bret out on their show and Flair said no.

– The guys on the radio said that Vince McMahon really took wrestling to become something big with the Wrestlemanias and PPVs and along with all that is among the top rated shows on cable television. Flair agreed and said that it is entertainment and for a long time, that was a hard thing for him and other the old timers to swallow.