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MPW Results – Coventry

 Press Release


Date – Saturday 21st August 2004

Venue – Holbrooks festival, Holbrooks, Coventry


All matches were split across four half an hour shows.


In no particular order:


Random Lucha defeated John Bull with Tommy Gunn.

Andy Hughes & Nero with Cherry Blossom defeated Jetta & Imperial Dragon.

Raze defeated Stiro.

Hatred with Draevyn defeated White Tiger.

Psycho Steve & Blaze defeated Fan Boy & Black Widow.

Devilman defeated Corey Vandal.

Jett Black with Samurai defeated Edgar Stryfe.

Alex Gold defeated Ray.

Rhyme & Reason defeated Exodus.

Mad Mike defeated Hugh Mungus by D.Q.

Psycho Steve & O.J. defeated Thor & Shawn Hunter.

Jetta won the rumble after eliminating Jekkel.


Date – Saturday 21st August 2004

Venue – AT7 centre. Bell green, Coventry


Stiro defeated Alex Gold.


Blaze won a 3 way over Nero and Black Widow, to become the new MPW queen of the ring. After the match Jetta claimed she wasn’t happy, not being apart of the match and challenged Blaze to a match for the queen of the ring at the next show.


Jett Black & Fan Boy with Samurai defeated Rhyme & Reason.


Mad Mike & Shawn Hunter went to a double knockout, after Thor interfered and hit both of them with a chair.


John Bull defeated Psycho Steve.


White Tiger won a 3 way over Raze & Hatred with Draevyn.


Jekkel & Exodus defeated Devilman & Leon Lionheart with the doomsday device. After the match, Devilman turned on his partner. Leon then recovered and claimed he would make Devilman say his name.


Andy Hughes went to the ring with Cherry Blossom and Hugh Mungus jumped Andy before the bell rang, beating him down. As Edgar Stryfe came down to make the save, Cherry pulled Andy out of the ring and helped him onto the stage. Edgar Stryfe Vs Hugh Mungus started, however eventually Hugh Mungus got himself disqualified after throwing the referee out of the ring. After the match Hugh continued to beat Edgar down, but Andy Hughes then ran down to make the save for Edgar.