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RBW Preview Sammy Ray

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Revolution British Wrestling
British Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participating Wrestler No 8 – Sammy Ray

Sammy Ray in the space of the first half of 2004 became one of the most popular RBW wrestlers, and overall has had a pretty good rate of success. Sammy had some very notable matches with the likes of “Misfit” Jorge Castano and a British Middleweight Championship contest against Johnny Kidd. The highlight though was the capturing of the British Welterweight Championship in March against “The Gift” Ross Jordan.

Following his victory, he defended the Championship against a long list of competitors which included the wrestler he beat to win the Championship, “The Gift” Ross Jordan, “Silent Riot” Corey Davis, Tex Benedict, “Solid Gold” Scott Parker, J.C Thunder, “Sensation of the Nation” Rob Hunter and many more, ended up on the winning end every time.

With Sammy involved in a rivalry with “The Gift” Ross Jordan, the Southern Alliance group with Jordan is in didn’t take too kindly to Sammy Ray, defeating him in tag team competition.

Unfortunately the Championship reign ended in July 2004, when “The Gift” Ross Jordan managed to regain the Championship in singles competition. Special guest referee Flyin’ Phil Powers struck Ray with the title belt, to the disgust of the Chingford audience, allowing Jordan to easily pin Sammy for the win.

Sammy Ray is definitely one of the most underrated wrestlers in the country, and the British Heavyweight Championship tournament may well be the place in which he can rise to the top.

2004 Success Percentage – 70.32%