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Main Event For UKPW At Nye Bevan Hall – Thursday October 7th 2004

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Main Event for UKPW at Nye Bevan Hall – Thursday October 7th 2004

The Main Event for UKPW’s latest event on Thursday October 7th was signed this week and could perhaps be described as the biggest tag team match in UKPW’s short history. On one side, The Green Machine, Anton Green & Marcus Hiscott, are arguably the pre-eminent team on the UKPW roster. However, with victories over several make shift teams such as Stevie James & Kid Regis and Aaron Jason & Andrew Coyne, it could be argued that The Green Machine has yet to be truly tested.

That test should be forthcoming in Hackney as although their opponents, Ethan Hayze & Stevie James, are teaming together for the very first time, they are determined to make their impact felt immediately. Stevie has wrestled several tag matches for UKPW since it’s inception but has yet to find the right partner and achieve any success in the tag team ranks. James has recently stated that he truly feels that Ethan Hayze is that partner and that belief is backed up! by the fact that in Hayze’s only tag match for UKPW thus far, he teamed with Cameron Knite to score a decisive win over Ross Jordan & Stixx.

Making this match that much more important is the news that UKPW are currently planning to crown the very first UKPW Tag Team champions in 2005 and both teams would like to build some serious momentum as we head into such a crucial period for tag team competition.

The action kicks off at 6pm and takes place at:

Nye Bevan Hall,

Nye Bevan Estate,

Overbury Street,


London. E5

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