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3CW Billingham Results – 17/09/04

3CW Billingham Results – 17/09/04

The show took place in front of a hot, sell-out crowd of 250 at the Billingham Synthonia. The crowd were ready for action and 3CW didn’t dissapoint, putting on a top quality night of action.

Ice XVII lead a large group of 3CW superstars to the ring to show solidarity ahead of the big Title Vs Title match. They stated they’d put their differences aside for the night, and in an unusual show of respect from Ice, the group stood in respect for the English National Anthemn, until it was interrupted by a familiar tune – and then a familiar voice, that of Conscience. Conscience’s voice came over the house speakers from somewhere. Conscience put down the 3CW fans in attendance as English Heathens and disrespected the national anthemn, before Ice stated that he (Conscience) would leave with the 3CW Title over his dead body. Conscience noted that this could be arranged, but failed to answer Ice’s challenge to actually enter the arena at this stage.

The Shooter and Malice Mascarado defeated William Grange and Aidan Corrigan.

William at first made his presence felt noting that Malice had misted him the previous month in Dormanstown, and this time he’d brought a tag team partner who also had previous run ins with Malice, Aidan Corrigan, to try and finish he and the Amateur Wrestling Star off. William had even brought a pair of swimming goggles along to avoid the mist! He actually was successful in this at one point, but would eventually fall victim as Corrigan was holding Malice, with Grange taunting him, saying he would mist Malice himself! He was goggle-less by this point, and the tide was turned, with Malice covering Grange with the dreaded mist, and defeating him with the Shining Wizard soon after!

Adam Brown, accompanied by Jawz, defeated Jayson Mayson with the Standing Moonsault

Adam had obviously caught wind of Mayson’s cheating ways, and brought with him young trainee Jawz, whom had gained his respect in a previous outing. Jawz had obviously studied his tapes, because as Mayson tried to defeat Brown in the exact same way he defeated Thunder the previous month, Jawz shoved Mayson’s feet off the ropes. This would draw Mayson’s ire, but give Brown chance enough to hit a german suplex followed by a standing moonsault for the duke!

Jack Simpson defeated CM Fusion (w/ Jeremy Vengeance) with the Tombstone Piledriver

Jack, legitimately 250lbs, faced CM Fusion here, who despite being seconded by a 300lb’er in JV, and despite being obviously quite a lot below 200lb himself, claimed to way in at 403lb and attempted to wrestle as such! This obviously led to limited success, and Simpson managed to overcome JV’s cheating ways to defeat Fusion!

CJ Hunter finally defeated Eric “the Fist” Canyon to become the first 3CW Young Lion’s Champion.

Hunter made his way out first, announcing that he was not a loser (to much derision), and that tonight, in order to prove himself, he’d spoken to the 3CW Board, and had reached an agreement for them to sanction the SCW Young Lion’s Belt he had been carrying around 3CW since May as the 3CW Young Lion’s Title. A title was therefore actually on the line here, and the winner would be the first Champion. Hunter certainly picked a good time to break his duck against Canyon, and the match was everything you’d expect. Hunter didn’t do it without help, however, as Sinner William Grange would make his presence felt, costing NWA Scottish Title #1 Contender Canyon the match by slipping Hunter the Title Belt while distracting the referee, allowing Hunter to wallop Canyon with the belt and then score the pinfall!

Chris Cannon defeated Dave Styles w/ two pedigrees on metal trays in a No Holds Barred contest

A crazy hardcore brawl between the two, involving such weapons as metal trays, various sticks, a broom, a Dreamcast keyboard and a guitar! Words do not do this one justice, as the agile Styles really took it to Cannon, delivering a nasty guitar shot, but in the end didn’t have enough to defeat Cannon in his own style of match, falling victim to two consecutive Pedigrees, the second doing the job for the battered and bruised Cannon.


Jonny Love and Gangster Ben Harland ended in a count out, after which Love wailed on the already injured knees of GBH, handcuffing him to the ropes and beating him down further until officials intervined…

Lance Thunder defeated “Pigman” Andy Hogg with a DVD

After some, ahem, technical difficulties, the Pigman was on fine form, introducing the Billingham crowd to “Snoop Hoggy Hogg” as only he can. Certainly a great wrestling match between two men well noted for using the DVD, with the crowd well behind local boy Lance Thunder. Thunder was eventually able to pull through, scoring perhaps the biggest victory of his young career over the far more experienced Pigman following the DVD. Following the match Pigman displayed his class, shaking the hand of Thunder after defeat.

Brother War and “Mr Fifty Fifty” Dan Evans defeated Chris Whitton and Kid Ritchie when Brother War hit a big lariat on Ritchie

Certainly two big man facing two much smaller opponents here in Ritchie and Whitton, but that wasn’t going to stop the smaller men! Ritchie and Whitton were able to use their speed and agility greatly to their advantage here until finally outmanoeuvred, with the force behind the lariat knocking young Ritchie silly after a hard fought contest

Conscience defeated Ice XVII with the Sharpshooter to retain the NWA Scottish Title and become the new 3CW Heavyweight Champion.

An epic, hard fought battle, as the crowd were urging Ice to retain the Title fighting, for once, under the English flag. A large number of 3CW wrestlers even walked out onto the stage to show solidarity with Ice, and he came very, very close to walking away with the NWA Scottish Title, first finding a weakness in the big McPhenom and working over the arm, before single mindedly homing in on the leg. Conscience would set Ice up for a powerbomb several times, or attempt to, but Ice would slump to the mat. After a third attempt, Ice managed, with one last huge effort, to take the big man down and apply the Sharpshooter. The crowd urged Conscience to tap but it wasn’t to be, as he managed to escape the hold somehow. Ice tried once again to apply the Sharpshooter, but this time Conscience was wise to it, knocking Ice down, and with the ultimate sign of disrespect, applying the Sharpshooter to the badly hurt Ice. In the middle of the ring, locked in the sharpshooter, Ice had no choice but to tap, making, to the shock of those in attendance, the McPhenom a Double Champion, taking the 3CW Title back to Scotland with him.

Following the match Conscience was joined by Aidan Corrigan, William Grange and CJ Hunter in celebration, along with a few dissendent 3CW wrestlers, before the majority cleared the ring, helping Ice to his feet to a loud ovation.