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Scottish Wrestling Alliance Present ‘Dissent’, Nov 6th + Further Show Details

Scottish Wrestling Alliance Presents ‘DISSENT’

November 6th, Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Bellshill.

NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship & 3CW Heavyweight Championship

Conscience¬© Vs Eric ‘The Fist’ Canyon
– Stipulation: The match is to be faught under original NWA rules.
2/3 Falls, 20 Minute Time Limit
Title can change hands on DQ & Count Out.

T-Division Championship Match

Jonny Milla© Vs William Grange
-Jonny beat White Tiger and CJ Hunter in a three way to win the championship and will be looking to show he’s the best in the T-Division by retaining, however, after joining The Sinners, Grange will be looking to proove he was the right man for Conscience and the rest of the Sinners to pick.

6-Man Tag Match

Total Annihalation (Adam Shame & Hatred) & Chris Charizma Vs Johnny Moss, Sabotage & ‘The Piggman’ Andy Hogg.
-Three of Britian’s top stars are coming together to stop The Sinners, after the Charizma “switch” on Andy Hogg, and Johnny Moss being screwed out the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship I’m sure both will be after some payback. As will Adam Shame & Hatred who lost their match to Eric Canyon after the 3 interfered in their match with Canyon which had Sabotage handcuffing Shame to the turnbuckle allowing Canyon to pick up the win.

More matches to be announced soon…


Scottish Wrestling Alliance Presents CLAN WARS

January 05′, Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Bellshill

Eight 4-man teams will compete
– Eight team captains who will get a full roster list to draft in the talent they want in their team. It is possible for the captains to bring in talent from outside the SWA.

One winner per match
– Single elimination by pinfall, count out, submission or dq until one man is left standing per match. This could result in two members of the same team going battling to win the place in the final.

Fatel Fourway
– Single elimination Fatal Fourway main event that will decide the number one contender to face the champion whoever it may be at that time.

Team Captian’s
Team SWA – Jonny Moss or Eric Canyon depending upon the outcome of 6/11/04

Team Sinners – Chris Charisma or Conscience depending upon the outcome of 6/11/04

Team Pink & Mix – Andy Hogg

Team Canada – Aidan Corrigan

Team MPW – Psycho Steve

Team 3CW- Jayson Mason

Team T-Division – Jonny Milla or William Grange depending upon the outcome of 6/11/04

Team Cutting Edge – CJ Hunter

Team members will be announced on weeks leading up to the show. Final show date will be announced soon.

Keep to this thread or the website for updates on both these shows and everything SWA.