The Three Count

T3C: Taboo Tuesday Preview

It’s a trip into the unknown this week as WWE launch their first ever Interactive PPV. Time for The Three Count to preview the card…

So exactly how do I preview an event where the participants of some of the matches aren’t known and the stipulations for the other matches have yet to be decided? Well, I’m not sure how this is going to work but I’ll have a go anyway.

Taboo Tuesday (just what is Taboo about a Tuesday anyway, and besides by the time I see this show live it’ll be Wednesday over here!) is an interesting concept and probably has a so far hidden reason behind the decision to hold an interactive PPV. WWE have campaigned all year to get those in the 18-30 bracket to vote in the upcoming US Elections. Now if people can vote for who meets Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title, surely they can vote for who leads their country. I bet that gets mentioned somewhere on WWE TV over the next few weeks.

Commentators such as Jerry Lawler have mentioned how difficult this might be for the wrestlers as they won’t know their opponents until the last minute (want to bet on it?) and therefore can’t prepare properly for their match. But is this really the case for Triple H and Chris Jericho.

Now I’m not about to claim the votes will be fixed, though I’d love to see the internet bills for WWE officials over the next couple of days. But even if the power is being taken away from the bookers for this PPV, that’s not totally the case. Also it’s possible each vote could have a clear leader, if that’s the case then plans can be made hours before the final decision is reached. Let’s start this preview of the unknown by looking at the IC title match.

Chris Jericho has 15 possible opponents for his title defence or does he? Sure there are 15 names on the ballot paper but your average British election has 15 candidates but only a few can win can’t they? It’s the same here, do you really believe there’s a chance that Rodney Mack or Tajiri could get an IC title shot on Tuesday? Course they won’t. What the vote will tell Vince though is the popularity of certain wrestlers on Raw. If no one cares to vote for Rodney Mack, then don’t expect him to get a push in the next few months. But if someone like The Hurricane got a lot of votes then perhaps he might get some decent matches in the future.

Realistically the only candidates who could be challenging for the IC title are Christian, Batista and Tyson Tomko. Rhyno could be in with a shout but would have needed to do something drastic at last week’s Raw tapings. But then again, we still have a Raw to get through before this PPV. That’s where the bookers do their best to make sure we make the decision they want. A savage attack on Jericho by Batista could swing the vote his way, or perhaps Shelton Benjamin could turn heel on Jericho. It’s our decision at the end of the day but will we be led in the direction we eventually decide to take?

I have a feeling Christian will get the title shot, it makes sense that that happens. Will the title change hands? Not sure really, Jericho is doing well at present, I think he deserves to hold onto the belt for a bit longer.

Onto the World Heavyweight Title and a far more confusing picture. Three contenders for the title and it’s too close to call as far as I’m concerned. That’s because it’s almost like a good whodunit. Each of Benoit, Michaels and Edge are being their chance to shine and the match between the three on Raw could decide who wins the vote.

Benoit is my choice for the title shot, but even though we decide who gets the match, we don’t have a chance of deciding who wins so look for Triple H to retain the belt whoever he faces. Benoit hasn’t been beaten one-on-one by Triple H and that is a good angle to promote. They’ve had their fair share of matches so far this year but one more wouldn’t hurt.

Michaels has had far too many matches against Triple H this year. If this happens on Tuesday, it makes a mockery of the Final HIAC match. Sure it’d be a good match but we’ve seen it far too many times already.

Edge is the interesting candidate. We were all led to believe that on his return from his latest injury, Edge would feud with Chris Jericho over the IC title, so just why is he being turned into a world title contender? There is a logical answer, Edge has his autobiography published shortly and that means a big push to boost sales. He’s never had a feud with Triple H so this would be fresh, but isn’t he supposed to be a heel? Heel v Heel for the title hasn’t happened since Triple H met Kane. So there is a precedent for this but will it happen?

I go for Triple H v Benoit, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised (though very suspicious) if Edge got the title shot. What is interesting though, is will this be the last match on the card? The Coach said that Triple H won’t know his opponent until the last minute but the two wrestlers who don’t get the title shot must team together to fight La Resistance for the tag titles. Now if that’s the case how can that match happen before the World Title match? If it does it totally destroys the revealing of who meets Triple H. Interesting indeed.

Onto that tag title match and here’s praying that La Resistance finally drop the titles. But who will be their opponents? It’s down to either Benoit/Edge, Benoit/Michaels or Edge/Michaels. It all depends on who gets that world title shot of course. Benoit and Edge is the least likely team as I doubt Michaels will get the title shot. If Edge is to be a heel this is obviously setting up an eventual feud for him but would that be Michaels or Benoit? Both would be good feuds and keep Benoit and Michaels towards the top of the tree without challenging for a title. Benoit and Michaels would be an interesting pairing. They could add a great deal to the struggling tag division that’s for sure. I’m not certain who will be chosen, logic goes for Edge and Michaels who could have a great feud in the future. I just think whoever gets chosen will win the belts on Tuesday.

From now on it gets a little bit easier. The pairings have been chosen, it’s just the stipulations we have to decide. Let’s start with Orton v Flair. The promo’s for this have been out of this world, probably the best for any match this year apart from the Hardcore IC title match between Orton and Foley. We have three choices for the legend killer match. Submission, Falls Count Anywhere or a cage match. I think this should be a Falls Count Anywhere match. Orton isn’t known for submission moves and when did anyone last submit to Flair’s figure four. Then again Flair losing by submission would be one hell of a humiliation. I’m a bit fed up of cage matches to be honest, so FCA is my choice for what should be a good match. I doubt this will happen but wouldn’t it be great if Mick Foley showed up? He has a book out in the States so a return wouldn’t be that much of a shock. He certainly has issues with both these guys that’s for sure. I go for Orton to win.

Next up is Kane v Gene Snitsky. Does anyone like Snitsky? This is a weapons match and we have the choice of a chain, lead pipe or chair. Kane is on the verge of a face turn thanks to the terrible Lita storyline. We’ve seen Kane as the sympathetic monster before so it could work but face it, this guy is best as a monster heel. What weapon do we choose? Lead pipe must be odds on as that’s what Snitsky used on Kane. I’m not expecting a great match but where will this lead? Wouldn’t it be great (if not very sick) if it came out that Shane McMahon or even Matt Hardy paid Snitsky to attack Kane and cost Lita the baby, now that would be a storyline!

Eugene v Bischoff next in the latest attempt to humiliate Eric. The loser either gets their head shaved (what is it about WWE and head shaving?) become the others servant or wear a dress. I go for the servant stipulation though the dress stip could be fun for about five minutes. But will it be Eric or Eugene who has to be humiliated. Logic says Eric but how about Regal turning on Eugene and costing him the win?

We end with two women’s matches, why the hell have we got two women’s matches when so many top WWE males haven’t got a match? Christy v Carmella better be real short, it’s either an aerobics challenge, an evening gown match or lingerie pillow fight. Christy will win whatever it is, I go for the lingerie.

The Women’s title is up for grabs in a Battle Royal, we decide if they wear a French Maid’s costume (La Resistance will have a heart attack), schoolgirls costume or nurses outfit. I go for the schoolgirl’s costume don’t ask me why or think horrible things of me! Who wins the title, hopefully Trish will retain and feud with Victoria or Nidia. Please don’t put the belt on Stacy!

So there we are, I just about managed to do it. This should be an interesting PPV and with a two hour Raw beforehand, that’s five hours of entertainment (minus however long Christy v Carmella is). Enjoy!

Stephen Ashfield