Future-Shock By Scott Future

Future-Shock #24

It is good to be back after a number of important dates on the road. Results and Rants are back Future-Shock Style! Find out more about my year long feud with “MTX” Jem Brown and more…

It’s good to be back after a number of important dates on the road. Results and Rants are back Future-Shock Style.

My year plus feud with “MTX” Jem Brown was far from settled as we took the battle to Wellingborough, Corby and Reading in October. You may or may not recall that I became the youngest Mid Heavyweight Champion in history (at that time) when I dethroned Jem in Nottingham in 2003.

As we battled for Children in Need, yours truly made it 2 – 0 by Jack-Hammering my way to a pin fall in front of a sold out crowd in Wellingborough. This particular night also afforded me the opportunity to meet some of the hard working guys at B.R.A.W.L who made my debut there a real treat. I didn’t leave unscathed however, as a long distance dropkick left me limping out of the building.

The following week in Corby, with Halloween looming, I had to contend with “MTX” once again, this time, in seasonal costume, the opponent was dressed in full “Riddler” costume, complete with walking cane. That cane would of course lead to “MTX” making it 2-1. A swift blow to the head forced me out of the match and he got the better of me with a 3 count.

As you can imagine my focus and tension was high going into NCW’s Halloween show in Reading. Perhaps playing psychological games, or stuck somewhere with a flat tyre (who knows???), Jem was keeping the promoter waiting all the way to bell time. When he did arrive, it was obvious I was in for a rough night. A rough night turned out to be a no contest when the bell did ring.

As it happened, with “MTX” on the ropes, I launched into a Mic Foley style clothesline that took us both out over the top rope and down hard onto the outside floor. Since neither one of us was in a position to answer Steve Lynskey’s 10 count, we left reading on a draw.

So that brings the tally to 2.5 – 1.5 and you can bet your last toothpick that the next time we are faced against each other, the heat will rise even further. Talking of heat, it is fair to say that these 3 matched, which took more of an old style approach, were big winners with the crowds. I guess it’s true that a good story will always captivate the onlookers. Thanks to B.R.A.W.L and NCW.

Next Future-Shock, Ill be starting a brand new series of articles on training and my battle to be in the best possible shape. It’s a hard journey, and I hope you’ll find some informative information within this series.

Stay Cool,

Scott Future