The Three Count

T3C: WWE Survivor Series 2004 Preview

The battle for control of Raw is fought tonight but could JBL be on his way to Monday night TV??

Is it just me or has this PPV got a really rushed feeling to it, particularly on the Raw side? And is it just me or has Vince finally pushed true tag team wrestling to the bottom of the ‘things to promote’ list in his in-tray? Time to take a look at the Survivor Series, beginning with the matches from Raw.


Survivor Series Match for the Control of Raw
Triple H/ Batista/ Gene Snitsky/ Edge v Randy Orton/ Chris Benoit/ Maven/ Chris Jericho

So whoever wins this match gets control of Raw for a month, the big question is of course, if Triple H wins, how are we supposed to notice the difference? The other big question of course is, just what is Maven doing in this match?

Perhaps he’s there to show that not all winners of ‘Tough Enough’ get given a release slip by Vince McMahon, or does it show a distinct weakness on the Raw roster. Take a look at that face team, it’s comprised of a great trio of wrestlers who are all former World Heavyweight Champions, and then there’s the boy from Heat. Obviously Shawn Michaels would have made up the team of former champions if he was fit, but who else could be in this team? Shelton Benjamin has his IC Title defence of course but after that, the faces on Raw are pretty weak. In fact the only other candidates are the over-exposed Eugene, William Regal, Tajiri, Hurricane, Rosey and Rhyno. That’s not exactly impressive is it?

So who’s going to win this and what will it mean for the future of the Raw brand? I believe this is all about Randy Orton and Triple H. Orton will get the pin over the champion and the next few weeks will try and work out some way of his getting a title shot either at the Rumble or Wrestlemania 21. Elsewhere there’s the Edge v Benoit feud to push and Snitsky v Jericho as well as giving Batista and Mavens something to do.

With the face team winning that ensures more heat being placed on Evolution over the coming weeks that’s for sure. But what about Ric Flair? In reality he has a groin injury that is limiting his performances (that and being way past it at his age), but surely he could have been used here in some way? Could Flair be at ringside and finally turn on Evolution? That’s a possibility.

IC Title

Shelton Benjamin v Christian

Christian gets yet another shot at the IC Title, boy is this guy stuck in a rut or what? Shelton deserves a good run with the title and I’d be really disappointed if Vince was to take the belt off him quickly like he did with Jericho. The build-up has been pretty good and this could be a reasonable match. Hopefully Christian won’t have one of his one-night problem seekers ready to win him the title. I go for Benjamin to retain the title.

Women’s Title

Trish Stratus v Lita

You know what, I think Vince has a real problem in the women’s division at the moment. He’s cutting the Diva’s left, right and centre with Jacqueline, Nidia, Gail Kim, Jazz and Shaniqua all history now and all Ivory does is screech ‘Order this PPV or vote in the election.”

Could we be getting ready for another Vince McMahon sob story? Poor Lita, she gets harassed by Kane, gets pregnant (ever heard of safe sex darling?) and then has to marry Kane only to lose the baby and any chance of an acting career in Hollywood. Not to Lita, ever wondered why it’s Kane and Cena off making movies not you!

Lita has a history of challenging for the title at SS and losing, perhaps Vince puts in his diary “Give Lita her once in a year title shot, let her think she’ll win, silly girl falls for it everytime.”

I think this time she might just win the belt, not that there’s that many Diva’s left to defend it against. Trish has been a good champion, as long as this is short it could be a good match.


WWE Title
JBL v Booker T

Could this be the end of JBL as champion? He’s declared that if he loses the title he’ll quit Smackdown for good. Can’t wait to be honest! His character is good, the wrestling isn’t. So what does this mean for the future of Smackdown?

If JBL keeps the belt then he’s fast running out of opponents. Eddie and The Undertaker have had their shots, Cena is absent and it all starts to get a bit desperate after that unless RVD is finally going to get the big push. I believe Booker T is about to win the title as that makes the most sense. Why?

Firstly I believe that the Wrestlemania 21 match for the WWE Title will be Angle v Undertaker. Let Booker win the title, then feud with Angle leading up to a Royal Rumble match where Angle gets the belt and start the feud with Undi. As for JBL, let him go to Raw, I’m sure he’ll get on well with Triple H. I think there could be a few trades coming up over the next few weeks as Vince takes a long look at his product.

Cruiserweight Title
Spike Dudley v Chavo Guerrero v Rey Mysterio v Billy Kidman

This should be a good match and will give the cruiserweight division a bit of a push. I don’t like Dudley as champion and feel tonight is the night that Billy Kidman gets the gold and then has some great feuds with Guerrero and Mysterio. Besides he hasn’t had the belt and he’s the guy on the big push so it all makes sense really. Then again this is WWE.

Survivor Series Match
Angle/CCC/Reigns/Jindrak v Guerrero/RVD/Big Show/Cena

Again this should be good and Cena is bound to get a big pop. Isn’t it amazing how he’s back so soon after he nearly lost a kidney? I have to admit I was surprised when I read that he was the fourth man in Eddie’s team.

CCC has a shoulder injury and this could see him written out for a bit as Cena takes revenge. Elsewhere it should be entertaining as RVD gets a few minutes to do the moves we’ve all seen a million times, Big Show does his angry bald giant impression and well that’s it really. Who wins? I go for Angle’s team.

Undertaker v John Heidenreich

Oh boy, this should be a stinker. Undertaker isn’t 100% apparently fit but then again when is he? Heidenreich is a total disaster, this is going to stink for sure. I go for Undi to win.

It’s a strange card isn’t it? Two Tag Champions and neither team are on the card at present. One team should be on the Heat preview but what is happening to tag wrestling in WWE? It’s sad because I loved teams like LOD, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs. Now there’s no emphasis placed on the tag divisions at all and that simply isn’t right.

Stephen Ashfield