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RBWA & TAP Show – 20th November – Nottingham

On the 20th of November at Sports Nottingham we will witness a very rare Interpromotional wrestling event between RBWA and TAP.
The card is as follows:

Interpromotional Matches

“Hardcore” Keith Myatt (RBWA) v Adam Thorn(TAP) in a chain match
This rivarly started a few months ago during a TAP show when Adam Thorn said he respected Myatt greatly and was happy for the torch to be passed on that night to which Myatt did not like, he ended up throwing the “Life Time” achivement award he recieved from Thorn and verbally assautling him. This lead to a rematch between the 2 and now finally the feud will end in a chain match. A match you definetly dont want to miss.

Azazeal (RBWA) v Chris Botherway (TAP)

TAP matches

Simon Cann/Jack London v Kidd Flash/Andy Coyne

Mister E v Jamie James

RBWA matches

“The Shooting Star” Kris Travis/Bubblegum v S.C Supreme/Ghloom

Devilman v Angel

This disfunctional partnership started after their wrestling debut of Academy Annihilation when they were known as “Killer Instinct”, they lost the match to Muscle Force and Angel blamed the loss on his partner hitting him with a chair during the nights rumble, again the were teaming up for their professional debut in a triple threat tag team match on a sold out night in Stamford and once they were the first team 2 be eliminated Angel again took his frustration out on Devilman during the nights rumble. Now the time comes for the first wrestling encounter between these two so we can really see who is the best out of the 2.

Trainee Battle Royal/Rumble:

20 Man rumble with all the wrestlers from the nights show and several trainees from the RBWA Mat Veteran Academy.

Notts County Footbal Club
Meadow Lane
NG2 3HJ.

Tickets are
£6 adults
£5 under 16’s
£17 for family ticket

Doors open at 7pm, bell time 7:30pm.