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Raw results 22/11/04 *Spoilers*

In brief notes from this weeks RAW:

 – The show kicked off with a spoof of the NFL advert featuring Shelton Benjamin, Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon.

– Chris Benoit then made his way onto the stage, announcing he was GM for the night, and like Maven did last week, booked himself a World Heavyweight title shot later in the show, in a steel cage match.

– Gene Snitsky beat Maven after a Pumphandle Slam.

– Simon Dean worked an angle with Stacy Keibler, The Hurricane and Rosey. He claimed that girls like Stacy are interested in guys like him, she said she can’t stand guys who look in the mirror more than her. Hurricane came out to help defend her but got a beat down. The segment ended when Rosey chased Simon away. Rosey versus Simon Dean could be the worst rivalry of the year.

– Chris Jericho beat Batista via DQ

– Rhyno beat Jonothan Coachman after Coach thought he would be facing JR in a carbon copy of last weeks angle.

– Trish Stratus beat Molly Holly

– William Regal, Eugene and Shelton Benjamin beat La Resistance and Christian.

– After disagreeing throughout the show, Batista appears to have attacked Triple H during the break meaning that the World Heavyweight Title match is off and Chris Benoit will now face Edge inside the steel cage.

– Chris Benoit beat Edge in a steel cage match after being speared through the cage door!

– Batista came to the ring and called out The Game. He came down accompanied by Ric Flair and a Doctor. Tripper said “I’ve got one thing to say to you…nice work!” It was a set up all along as JR would, and probably did say and it was just a way of getting out of the title match.

– Randy Orton then came out and said he was GM next week and there would be a Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Title featuring all the RAW superstars.

– All in all it sounds like a very solid show with a great storyline running throughout with Batista and Triple H’s ‘fall-out’.