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Major backstage heat for TNA

The backstage problems for NWA:TNA seem to be going from bad to worse at the moment, with many different people voicing their opinions.

First BG James (formerly Road Dogg in WWF) had an outburst at America’s Most Wanted expense, bemoaning the lack of chances James’ 3Live Kru had because of AMW’s push. He particularly aimed his frustration at James Storm. Later Chris Harris (Storm’s AMW partner) claimed that he is growing impatient with having to shoulder the blame for some of his partner’s outbursts and mistakes.

Kid Kash (David Cash) also let rip in the latest issue of Power Slam magazine claiming that management in TNA just don’t want to know and have suspended him more than once. He also had a few choice words for AJ Styles who he claimed would never be in his position if it wasn’t for his office contacts.

On the upside for TNA, buyrates for Victory Road appear to be a reassuring 40,000, much better than the original estmate of just 20,000.