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NPWA Strive To Survive 3 Results

NPWA Strive To Survive 3 Results

1. 10 Man Battle Royal-C Division Championship
Necorss, Barrati, El Diablo, Jason Glory, Fireball, D-Dogg, Syndrome, Joey Ace, James Fury,Lumberjack
Necross Retained The Title.

2. Captain VS Captain Match
D-Dogg VS Sean Phoenix
Sean Phoenix Defeated D-Dogg.

3. Interfederational Championship Match
Phobia VS The Fireball
Phobia Retained The Title.

4. Xtreme Xmas Re-Match
Doctor Dream VS The Slayer
Doctor Dream Defeated The Slayer.

5. 6 Man Tag Team Survival Match
Team D-Dogg (D-Dogg, Jason Glory, Brickwall) VS Team Phoenix (Sean Phoenix, Ryan Maiden, Lumberjack)
This Match Ended In A Draw

6. Triple Threat Match- No1 Contender for the International Championship
Paul “Flash” Andrews VS Joey Ace VS James Fury
Paul “Flash” Andrews Defeated Joey Ace and James Fury