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WWE: Plea For Styles To Do WWE ECW PPV

The long time run and well-respected website has posted a letter written by a fan directed at former longtime ECW commentator Joey Styles, one of the owners of the website. The commentator, known as the voice of ECW and famous for his “Oh My God” catchphrase, has gone on record previously to state that he was going to work the Shane Douglas-ran ECW show just two nights before the proposed ECW pay-per-view ran by the WWE, and would not work for the WWE event.

The letter posted is unusual in that some might say that Joey himself allowed for the piece to be published so that he could comment some more on the situation, or maybe set up an announcement that he actually will do the show. This comes after rumours of the WWE wanting Tazz and Rob Van Dam to handle the announcing duties, since neither can wrestle on the night.

This is the letter that was posted:

Hello my name is (name withheld by request) and have been an avid wrestling fan my entire life. I grew up watching the wwf and really enjoyed it. One day I caught the eye of something incredibly different and special. I saw ECW for the first time and was completly hooked. I had never seen anything like it and was just astonished. From Barely legal to the last ppv I never missed a show and whenever ECW was in Michigan I went. I know ECW was something special to you and was definitly special to me. When ECW went bankrupt apart of me died, it was really something special and all of us fans lost. I no longer even watch wrestling, I watched it until all of the ECW stuff and my intere! st had completly left. I saw the Rise and Fall of ECW and was incredibly happy to see a real recreation of what it was. I understand that the WWE is going to have a show dedicated completly to ECW. I am asking you to put all of your personal feelings a side and do this for the fans. We don’t have any ECW anymore and nothing like it, but for one night it would be nice to see a real ECW show and I really want you to be apart of it. I want to world to see what ECW was and you being there would make that much closer to being authentic. I know that there are millions of others like me that want you to be on this show.

Thank you for your consideration”

We will keep you updated on the situation, whether it’s a set up to something big or just a misleading ploy to attract more visitors (or Styles columns on the PPV).