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Another person from HBK’s past to appear?

Marty Jannetty and Jake “The Snake” Roberts might not be the only 80’s wrestling stars to appear on WWE programming recently as John Masiulionis of the Monday Night Mayhem
internet radio show is reporting that “Sensational” Sherri (Sherri Martel) could be making an appearance either this week or next week to further his angle with Kurt Angle.

Sensational Sherri was Michael’s manager from the start of his “Heartbreak Kid” persona from February 1992 through October 1992 when Marty made his first appearance on an episode of “WWF Superstars of Wrestling” since being thrown through a glass window in January of that year. Marty was out to get revenge on Shawn by trying to clock Michaels with the mirror Sherri always brought out, but Shawn pulled Sherri in front of her and Marty accidently clocked her, thus ending her tenure as Shawn’s manager.

Sherri currently works a few independent wrestling shows a year but is retired for the most part.