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TAP ‘March Madness’ 18 March 2005

TAP – March Madness – 18 March 2005

Venue: Charnwood Social Club, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Super Dragon and El Generico jetted into Loughborough for an action packed night of professional wrestling which promised to be as explosive as ever with two semi finals in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament as well as a Hair Vs. Mask match and a 2 Vs. 1 Handicap match.

Steve Stryka the current UK Champion took on former Heavyweight Champion Jamie James in the first Semi Final of the Championship Tournament and won with a leg drop off the middle rope to the back of Stryka’s head.

The next match featured Simon Cann and Chris Botherway, they exchanged moves quick on and ended up brawling at ringside where Cann was disqualified for using a chair.

The Jaggernaught then took on the young tag team The Lincs Effect in a handicap match, this didn’t last long and after the Jag Driver on Black Ice it was all but over.

Then came the Hair Vs. Mask match featuring Adam Thorn and Mr. E, they battled around the ring and on the mat but in the end Adam Thorn came out the winner and revealed that Mr. E was Jason Detroit. Adam Thorn then retired from professional wrestling and was greeted by the whole TAP Locker Room with a standing ovation in the ring.

This lead to the final of the TAP British Heavyweight Championship between Chris Botherway and Jamie James. After some fine submission wrestling the pace got faster and Jamie James took control eventually getting the pin although Botherway’s leg was under the ropes and the match was restarted. More brutal kicks and punches saw Jamie go down to his own finishing move and Botherway was crowned the new British Heavyweight Champion.

Fans were by this point getting rowdy and were ready for some fine Mexican wrestling by El Ligero and Canada’s El Generico. The fans loved the many daredevil moves and chants of ‘Holy Sh*t’ and ‘This is Awesome’ rang out through the Charnwood Social Club. Generico was lucky enough to hit his devastating move to cheers of ‘BRAINBUSTTTA’.

The final match of the evening was between Teenage Sensation Bubblegum against California’s PWG Champion Super Dragon. A quick start saw Dragon give Bubblegum a real hiding although Bubblegum was able to get an offence in but was eventually caught with the vicious Psycho Driver that left him laying on his head. Two Curb Stomp sequences saw Super Dragon then demand the referee to count the three count one more time.