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Huge News: Jeff Jarret meeting with Viacom; TNA replacing RAW on Spike TV?

Jeff Jarrett is currently present in New York City, reportedly meeting with Viacom executives. Although details are scarce and not official, cites one source in saying that Jarrett is speaking with Viacom about clearing a TNA program for Spike TV.

Sources are of the impression that Viacom is hoping word of the meeting gets out to WWE officials, with the intent of getting back at WWE. Since negotiations broke off, there has been bad blood between WWE and Spike TV/Viacom; negotiations with TNA would certainly infuriate some key WWE officials.

When it first became public that Spike TV was not renewing its contract with WWE, rumors broke out that TNA was expected to take the Monday night slot. At the time, there was absolutely nothing to such rumors, but it now seems TNA might actually have a shot at Spike TV.

WWE, on the other hand, has yet to clear a new cable deal. Because Spike ended negotiations before WWE had another deal in place, it probably lost a lot of bargaining power with USA.