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Matt Hardy News – Speaks Out, Wrestlemania Rumor and Lita

As we all know, Matt Hardy was released from his WWE contract yesterday. Here is even more news just recently breaking out in regards to one of the brothers Hardy.

  • Matt just posted a message on his message board at thanking his fans for their support entitled “Thanks For The Support”. Here is what Matt had to say…

    First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the incredible support that you have shown me in this very hard and difficult time. I have been kicked down before (although probably not this much, in such a short amount of time), but I always find a way to rebound and make my life a better place. Thanks for the outpouring of emotion and letting me know how much you care–I need that now. For all of you who believe in me, cheer for me, and care for me, I am not going away–I will rise above. Thanks and much love…


  • In another post Matt made, he shot down the rumor of him turning down a spot on Wrestlemania that was reported by

    There had been vignettes planned for Matt Hardy’s return for some time and at one point, he was offered a spot in the Wrestlemania 21 ladder match but turned it down, feeling his return would have been overshadowed by being in a bout with five others. As of a week ago, he was scheduled to return around this timeframe. He’s cleared to wrestle medically but will now have to wait the 90 day period for his release, which would be early July before he can taken independent work or a TNA offer. – Mike Johnson (

    Matt’s response was “There is absolutely no truth to this Wrestlemania rumor.”

  • And in regards to his relationship with Lita, reader Vince Parham sent this tidbit in …

    I just picked your name because you were the first person on this list. I wanted to tell you that my daughter met Matt Hardy and Lita this past weekend (April 9th, to be exact) at Georgia’s Dogwood Festival. They were there together and, as far as I know, were not on a promotional appearance. My adult cousin also met them along with my daughter. Could it be that they are trying to work things out? I think this is a shame because Matt has now been let go by WWE.