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Extensive details behind recent WWE releases

The following is an update on all the recent releases that have taken place in WWE as of late:

Matt Hardy’s release is said to have come about because of the whole Edge-Lita situation. The word is that Hardy may have shot himself in the foot by releasing his story on the Internet and contacting news outlets about the whole love triangle saga. As previously reported, when it came down to it, WWE felt Edge was a more valuable asset and thus decided to release Matt Hardy. There is also talk that past problems between Matt Hardy and head of WWE’s Talent Relegations John Laurinatis may have been the cause of his release. There was immediate heat between the pair when Laurinatis joined WWE in 2001. As the story goes, Matt Hardy was one of the superstars that opposed an ex-ECW employee instructing talent on how to do their job. Subsequently, Laurinatis has gained more power, and that has seemingly worked against Hardy. While many are unhappy at Hardy’s release, there is a feeling that Hardy was “burned out” over the whole situation and needed a change.

John Laurinatis was also at the center of Molly Holly’s release when the pair had a 15-minute discussion about her release on Monday. Holly had been pushing to turn face, but the company felt that she wouldn’t work in that role. According to sources, Holly has been deliberating over her WWE future for some time now.

With regard to the release of “Chilly Willy” Will Jones, it was felt that he wasn’t progressing quickly enough and didn’t have the required support to keep him under a developmental deal.

Injuries were Jesus’ downfall with WWE feeling he may never be able to heal to the point where he could work a full-time schedule with the company.