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WWE Smackdown Preview 26/5/2005

MAY 26, 2005

In one of the bloodiest battles in sports-entertainment history, John Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship against JBL in an “I Quit” Match at Judgment Day. Despite walking away the victor, Cena took a physical pounding while losing an incalculable amount of blood. His opponent, JBL, did the same. What condition will these two Superstars be in when SmackDown! rolls into Milwaukee?

This past Sunday at Judgment Day, Carilto used some assistance from Matt Morgan to defeat Big Show. What will the cocky host of Carlito’s Cabana have to say about his victory over the much larger Show? Who will this week’s guest on the Cabana be? Tune in to SmackDown! on Thursday night (UPN, 8/7 CT) to find out.

Also, WWE Tag Team Champions MNM will battle Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas in a Judgment Day rematch.

Don’t miss the first SmackDown! after Judgment Day on UPN (8/7) CT