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UK Scene #184

Much apologies for the delay on the news this week. I’ve been somewhat of a busy body as of late so I’m finally getting myself back into my normal routine which includes, that’s right… the UK Scene Round-up. I know, don’t get too excited. So with that said, let’s get right to it…

Much apologies for the delay on the news this week. I’ve been somewhat of a busy body as of late so I’m finally getting myself back into my normal routine which includes, that’s right… the UK Scene Round-up. I know, don’t get too excited. So with that said, let’s get right to it.

Despite a quiet few months, the FWA bounced back by announcing their inpending arrival in Blackpool on August 28th. Having a “storied place in UK wrestling history” (which I quite worryingly misread as “a steroid place in UK wrestling history”), Blackpool will host the FWA stars just one night after the Morecambe Dome show which will see Johnny Angel vs. Aviv Mayaan and Jack Xavier vs. Iceman. is the official online home of the group, so check it out.

FCW hits Dudley for its monthly show at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, entitled “Redemption“. Already signed, Morales and Jack Storm will go up against Dragon Phoenix and Jonny Storm in what should be an excellent match. Also, Rob Hunter will team up with Innocence to face A-Star Athlete and Angel. No doubt they’ll advance the current referee storyline too. Yes, two referees feuding. But who will referee the referee match? Maybe Ralp… nevermind, forget I suggested it. As more matches are announced, you’ll see them right here at W101. As always, has the latest, as well as information on training, and much more.

BRAWL have announced that they will be kicking off a Supershow Tour which will head to Corby, Chester, and Colaville. US Indy stars Chris Hamrick and Tracy Smothers will be a part of the festivities, as will Alex Shane, April Hunter, Jack Storm, and many more. The popular set-up of ticket prices seems to be to separated into Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, Indigo, whatever colours you can find, and this will be no different. Silver tickets will cost £10. Gold tickets will cost £20. I bet you can’t guess how much Platinum will cost? That’s right, a whole £30 to attend the Meet and Greet, obtain photos and autographs, and eat from the special buffet (hey, mini-sausages on a stick are pretty darn special). The shows will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month, and more information will be posted both here and on the newsboard as it comes in.

An interesting promotion if nothing else, TBW are the talk of the industry right now… no, honestly… stop laughing. Their first show, “Finally”, was scheduled for this past Sunday in Wolverhampton. So far, I’ve found nothing in the way of results, which is a shame because they have promised news that will “shock! the UK scene while at the same time making UK Wrestling History”. What could this mean? TV time? A working relationship with a top UK or US promotion? A special buffet? I’m sure that we will all find out and bow down to the glory of TBW, but as always, don’t hold your breath. The UK scene doesn’t have the greatest of records with successful promises, but we can hope nonetheless.

VPW (RBW South West under a new moniker) are opening a training school in Gosport, Hampshire every Saturday. There will be two six-month classes and your head trainer will be The UK Kid, who apparently graduated from the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, which is impressive when you consider who else graduated from there (Spanky, American Dragon Bryan Danielson, Paul London, Garrison Cade and Michael Shane). The training will include weight and diet management, professionalism, and maybe even a little bit of wrestling too (three hours worth, to be precise). It costs £110 a month (or £660 for the six months), and no newcomers will be taken in once a class starts. Jokes aside, it seems like a great opportunity for anyone (not just around the Hampshire area) to receive what looks to be a strong training program, teaching things that a lot of other schools don’t seem to. I only wish that they wouldn’t call everyone a “motherf****r” at the end of the press release.

I have to love GPW and their marketing ways. Their El Ligero/JC Thunder match on July 23rd was apparently so brutal that both men have been banned from the venue they fought in (the Monoaco Ballroom). Top marks for originality (and I tip my hat if it’s actually true). If you wish to see what the fuss is about, the DVD of the show will be available soon, and it’s worth a look to see what GPW has to offer, even if it’s just to see blood, or just for a good laugh (I bought EWW Resurrection for that exact reason).

At this point, I should probably apologise to anyone I may have offended this week. My style of writing is somewhat sarcastic, but I have a lot of respect for the UK scene and its workers, and whilst there are a number of easy jokes to make sometimes, I cannot stress enough that there are some tremendous promotions out there putting on some great shows and showing that the WWE may be the biggest fish in the pond, but it’s not the only fish there. If you haven’t before, make the effort to look around for any upcoming events in your local area and see for yourself what the UK is producing.

Speaking of which, a quick summary of several events that have taken place over the past two weeks.

FCW Crash Landing – Saddlers Club, Walsall – Friday, July 29th, 2005

  • Dragon Phoenix dft Spud

  • 3 Way Elimination – The Judge/Justice dft Blade/Marc Hogan and The Highcons

  • “Classic” Colt Cabana dft “Human Hate Machine” Morales

  • FCW Tag Titles – The British Connection dft Devil’s Advocate via DQ

  • “Sadistic” Jack Storm dft Laken Xander

  • The Bouncer/A-Star Athlete dft Rob Hunter/Celt Kennedy

FCW Under Siege – Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Dudley – Sunday, July 31st, 2005

  • Devil’s Advocate dft The HighCons

  • Laken Xander dft Blade

  • Celt Kennedy dft The Bouncer

  • FCW Tag Titles – The British Connection dft The Judge/Justice

  • Pippa L’Vinn dft Shelby Beach

  • Dragon Phoenix dft Morales

  • FCW Title – Rob Hunter dft A-Star Athlete

MPW – Leicester General Hospital Sports and Social Club, Leicester – Friday, August 5th, 2005

  • Leicester Challenge Cup First Round: Nero beat Ronin

  • Leicester Challenge Cup First Round: Jekkel (With Exodus) beat Psycho Steve

  • Leicester Challenge Cup First Round: Majik beat Fanboy

  • Leicester Challenge Cup First Round: Leon Lionheart beat Hatred

  • Phoenix City Championship: Imperial Dragon beat Samurai to become the NEW Phoenix City Champion

  • Leicester Challenge Cup Semi-Final: Majik beat Leon Lionheart

  • Leicester Challenge Cup Semi-Final: Nero beat Jekkel

  • Queen of the Ring: Black Widow beat Silverado

  • Leicester Challenge Cup Final: Nero beat Majik

  • Central Counties Championship Match – No Holds Barred: Chris Charizma beat Mad Mike

WAW – Atlantis Arena, Great Yarmouth – Monday, August 8th, 2005

  • The Zebra Kid defeated Jason Cross.

  • Red Hellion defeated Ethan Moore in the first round of the Atlantis Cup.

  • Colt Cabana defeated Steve Quintain 2-1 in a 6 round match.

  • Jonny Storm defeated Ashe 2-1 for the vacant WAW Lightweight Championship in a bout fought under WAW Championship Match Rules.

  • The U.K. Pitbulls defeated The Natress Boys 2-1.

Finally, a hearty congratulations to Paul Birchill/Burchill/Burchall/Birchall/That Big Guy. Having been offered a developmental deal with OVW (the feeder territory for the WWE), Birchall has been impressing many in OVW with his more mat-based offense and somewhat big man style (you didn’t seriously think they’d let him keep all those impressive high-flying moves did you?). Recently, it seems that the former FWA monster has been working alongside William Regal in tag team matches on the house show circuit. Obviously, the WWE are testing the waters to see how the team pans out and how Birchall handles the pressure of being on the road. Most reports thus far have praised the team in their comedy matches, and it looks like the WWE may have things (I’m reluctant to say “big things”, so I’ll stick with just “things”) in store for the Big Brit. It’s encouraging to see his hard work pay off, and whilst his size is deceptive (he’s really not as big as he’s billed as, as I found out standing next to him… unless I’ve suddenly grown three inches – which will mean that in the WWE, he will look normal size) he is a strong asset to any locker room and the flag bearer of the UK right now. All the best to him, from everyone at W101.

Well that’ll do it for this week. Next week, Saracen will be your man with the latest in news, views, and…more news. It’s well worth checking out, especially since I hear he doesn’t actually wear pants whilst writing it. As opposed to myself, who just never wears pants. With that lovely imagery planted into your head for the week, I will see you all in two weeks, and Saracen will see you all in one. So take care, and have a good fortnight.

Mitchell Jones