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WWE: Official RAW Preview for 05/09/05

HBK to take the Master Lock Challenge
September 5, 2005

Instead of taking the Master Lock Challenge last week, Shawn Michaels teamed up with Ric Flair to take on Chris Masters and Intercontinental Champion Carlito in tag team action. Masters was able to make an already bloodied and battered Flair submit to the Master Lock for the big win, but this week HBK will try to become the first person ever to break the Master Lock. Will Masters continue his incredible roll or will the Showstopper create a masterpiece of his own? Masters gave his own thoughts on Michaels, the Master Lock Challenge and several other topics on Byte This!.

Also, General Manager Eric Bischoff has just announced a SummerSlam rematch for next week’s Monday Night RAW. It’ll be Kurt Angle vs. Eugene. When these two last met, Angle forced Eugene to tap out. Will Eugene suffer the same fate?

Last week Edge and Matt Hardy took each other to the limit in a brutal RAW Street Fight that saw each Superstar taken away in an ambulance. What kind of condition will these two be in Monday?