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1PW: LIVE show updates for “A Cruel Twist Of Fate” *Finished*

LIVE updates from 1PW’s “A Cruel Twist Of Fate” as it happens from The Doncaster Dome, thanks to Mitchell Jones.

Ground Proving Battle Royal
Won by Darren Burridge defeating Chad Collyer in the Singles Match which the final 2 went to, thus earning a 1PW Contract.

The show was officially started and there is a good set up, although The Dome is not full as there are at least 200 empty seats, they had a video screen which showed a intro video which was very good, and there was lots of merchandise on sale.

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm defeat Chris Sabin & Jerry Lynn when Jonny pinned Chris, handshakes at the end, great opening match.

Tracy Smothers w/ MTX (acting as a bodyguard) defeats The Blue Meanie, it was a comedy match which included a dance off. The Six Man Tag Match is next.

Spud, Stevie Lynn, & Shabazz defeat Ross Jordan, James Tighe, & Ice XVII. After the match Abyss & James Keenan came out and attacked Spud’s team, AJ Styles came out then the officials came out and separated them before they could fight.

James Keenan defeats D’Lo Brown. Al Snow vs. Steve Corino is up next.

AWA World Championship
Steve Corino defeats Al Snow to retain. A long technically sound match, with The Blue Meanie and Tracy Smothers getting involved, 2 ref bumps and both Al Snow and Steve Corino impersonate several WWE superstars moves to get crowd back into it.

1PW have announced that they will present “No Turning Back” in Blackpool and Doncaster next January, and appearing are AJ Styles, Abyss, Chris Daniels, Charlie Haas, Masato Tanaka, Samoa Joe, and Sabu. It will be the first step in crowning a 1PW World Champion. Surprise to be announced next week.

Low-Ki defeats Iceman, brutal match and Iceman gets a standing ovation. Doug Williams vs. Austin Aries is next.

Doug Williams defeats Austin Aries with The Chaos Theory. A solid match, Austin refuses a handshake after the match.

Ravens Rules Street Fight
Raven comes out and from the moment he grabs the mic the fans are cheering everything he says even if it’s insulting. The Sandman has his full entrance including the long entrance, and looking wasted, ringside brawl between the two.

Tommy Dreamer comes out with some weapons and the match is made a Three Way.

The Sandman wins with a senton to Raven through a table, Tommy Dreamer gave the crowd weapons to keep he also got a standing ovation.

Abyss v.s AJ Styles up now, some people have already left. Strong match AJ Styles wins with the Spiral Tap, in a match that saw James Keenan get kicked out from ringside as Abyss 2nd.