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GPW: Status on Thunder, Ligero and the venue situation

GPW Press Release 4th October

Due to the incidents at Saturday Night Showdown all future dates for 2005 we had arranged with the Monaco were cancelled, leaving us “homeless” for the rest of the year. Efforts are still being made to find one last home before the year is out, but February 2006 will be the first date we return home to the Monaco.

Following the incidents at Saturday Night Showdown that then lead us onto Trials & Tribulations in Preston where Thunder and Ligero were given a reprieve. They blew their chance at redemption and were fired from the GPW Roster for not being able to oblige to contractual agreements.

Now that Ligero and JC are no longer part of the roster and will not be used in any role on future shows, we have had the green light to return to the Monaco. There are 10 dates at the Monaco for next year so far, they are listed below:

FEB: 3rd (first Friday)

MAR: 3rd (first Friday)

APR: 7th (first Friday)

MAY: 5th (first Friday)

JUN: 9th (second Friday)

JUL: 7th (first Friday)

SEP: 8th (second Friday)

OCT: 6th (first Friday)

NOV: 3rd (first Friday)

DEC: 8th (second Friday)