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T3C: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Preview

Made your choice yet? You know a) watch it and be tired in the morning b) go to bed and tape it or c) just watch the Diva’s then go to bed. Time to preview
Taboo Tuesday…

Just what is Taboo about a Tuesday?

It’s a bit awkward writing this preview before Monday Night Raw but hey I’ll have a go anyway and you can all laugh when I make a total fool of myself (not for the first time). It’s time to preview ‘Taboo Tuesday’ the WWE’s interactive PPV.

Firstly I have to say I’m a bit disappointed this is a Raw PPV. With the interactive idea being a hit last year, it’d have been nice to see the concept alternated between the rosters and this year the interactive PPV being a Smackdown event. But hey, I guess this is Eric’s idea isn’t it so let’s look at how this Raw PPV could progress.

WWE Title: John Cena v Kurt Angle v either Shawn Michaels, Big Show or Kane

So this is Eric’s idea of something that’s really innovative. Only one sentence to write then isn’t there: ‘Look what happened to WCW.’ I hate triple threat matches when they are for titles. Why should a champ lose his belt when he’s not the one who gets pinned or submits? To become the champ, you beat the champ nuff said. Let’s start with the Cena v Angle feud which has been going on most of the year, firstly on Smackdown and now on Raw. Why were we given that Cena v Angle match last week? It’s something we’ve seen a lot of recently and it didn’t really add anything new to the ongoing feud. On now to who’s going to be the challenger and I feel it’s inevitable it’ll be Shawn Michaels. He won the fans vote last year, is still incredibly over even after the Hogan feud and we want to see more of Michaels v Angle. So for me it’s Cena v Angle v Michaels and the fact Cena is scheduled to meet Michaels on Raw is another example of Vince giving us fans a helping hand in making the right decision. Who wins? Well I have a feeling that this could be the night Angle gets the title but by pinning Michaels thus keeping the Cena feud alive for Survivor Series.

Tag Titles; Cade and Murdoch v either Michaels/Kane, Kane/Big Show or Michaels/Big Show

As was the case last year, the two wrestlers up for a World Title shot and cast away by the voters, must tag together and challenge the Tag champs. Or in other words, forget about having established tag teams on Raw (bye bye Hurricane and Rosey) and just let two top stars get thrown together for a title challenge. Seeing I believe that Shawn Michaels is going to get the WWE title shot, that leaves Kane and Big Show to challenge for the tag titles. The fact they’ve been tagging together in house shows recently shows how Vince feels (wants) the vote to go. So does this mean Kane and Big Show will get the belts or something will go wrong between them and Vince gets one of those big man feuds he loves so much? I sincerely hope it’s the latter as firstly I prefer Kane as a heel and the tag champs haven’t had much of a run so far so deserve a bit longer with the belts. I go for the champs to retain and the big guys to get mad with each other.

Ric Flair v Triple H: Cage Match, 1 Fall Fight to a Finish or Submission Match

Now I’m not totally certain that this is for the IC Title, if it isn’t then it damn well should be because why have the belt if it’s not going to be defended. Perhaps Flair will defend it on Raw and Triple H will cause him to lose it? Just an idea.

This is a feud that was planned for Summerslam but Triple H wanted some more time off wondering why Steph had that boob job and still has saggy tits. Without Triple H, Flair gradually turned face, which is never a good thing in my opinion. Winning the IC belt from Carlito bemused me entirely, why give it to someone near the end of his career (it has to end sometime!)? The return of Triple H at Homecoming was just too predictable and it was inevitable that the sledgehammer was about to make its comeback and Flair would bleed for eternity like he has for the past twenty years. Since then Triple H has gone on and on (like he does) about how Flair is washed up and should retire. So why has he got a title belt and you haven’t Hunter?

Three choices of match here and it’s a total shoe-in that this will be a cage match. Ric has told fans he wants it and the sheep will do what the shepherd says so. Besides the other two options are crap particularly as Triple H isn’t known for his submission moves. I go for Triple H to get the win.

Carlito v Mick Foley: Choices: Does Foley wrestle as Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind?

So Mick Foley is back in WWE and don’t TNA just hate it. Why though do we have to see the guy getting beaten up every week? Carlito is a pain in the neck and this could be a decent feud despite Foley’s ring rustiness and injury problems. But who does he wrestle as? Well, I voted for Mankind as I always loved that character and would love to see it just one more time. Plus the mandible claw down Carlito’s throat would be a pleasant sight. I think we can rule out Dude Love and I guess Cactus Jack is the favourite so I go for Cactus v Carlito with the youngster getting the dodgy win

The Coach v Stone Cold Steve Austin: Stipulations: Arm wrestling, verbal confrontation or Street Fight

So Austin is back in the ring and with a slightly interesting match. Let’s get the stipulation out the way to start with, it just has to be a street fight. Arm wrestling in WWE is always boring and do we really need another twenty minutes of chat? No, course we don’t. If Austin wins, JR is back and if he loses Austin is fired. It looks as if the McMahon v Austin feud is back on again and has so far been moderately entertaining but with too much chat. Will JR return so soon after surgery? I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Austin gets screwed tomorrow night leading to his sacking and perhaps some kind of comeback through a turning face Shane who has been rather absent since Homecoming.

Raw v Smackdown: Edge/Chris Masters v two of JBL, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Christian and Hardcore Holly

Well, from current reports you can forget Christian who’s left the company. So the Raw v Smackdown battle begins and will eventually lead to a match at the Survivor Series. Who gets the Smackdown vote? Well I’d go for JBL and Hardy. Bradshaw has been highly prominent in this feud so why leave him out now? It could also test the water for a face turn. As for Hardy, the presence of Edge should be enough. Besides I have a feeling that whoever doesn’t get voted in will interfere anyway because they’re bound to be in the arena awaiting the result of the vote. Why Edge and Masters? This makes Raw the heels on their own PPV! This has some potential but I see Raw getting the victory unless it’s a total chaos no-contest.

Rob Conway v Eugene and either Jimmy Snuka, Jim Duggan or Kamala

So isn’t one legend killer enough for Vince or is it just a marketing ploy to get as many legends on TV in order to sell more merchandise? This is the match no one really cares about so just who will be the legend that accompanies Eugene? If it’s cringe factor that decides the winner then it has to be between Duggan and Kamala. I go for Kamala as he’s made a few appearances in recent years and can just about wrestle a reasonably mediocre match. I go for Conway to get the win.

Diva’s Battle Royal: Lingerie, Cheerleaders or Leather and Lace

Oh dear here we go again, Jerry Lawler almost has a heart attack while gawping at Trish and co. Will the title change hands here as it won’t involve Trish having to get pinned? I’d like to see either Torrie or Victoria have a run with the belts though I suspect it’d be Torrie who gets the belt if there is a title change. I wonder how dopy Maria will be in the ring? As for the stipulation I guess it has to be lingerie.

It’s not a bad card actually, the main event should be ok as should Flair v Triple H and the Raw v Smackdown match.

Stephen Ashfield