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WWE: Velocity & SmackDown! Results *Spoilers*

Venue: The Colonial Center, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Dark Matches/Velocity
Ryan O’Riley defeated Aaron Averez
The Dicks defeated Scotty 2 Hotty
Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated Vito & Nunzio
Simon Dean defeated a jobber
Matt Hardy defeated Sylvan

Rey Mysterio vs. JBL went to a DQ, after Orlando Jordan interfered and Batista came down to help Rey. Teddy Long came out and made the tag match for the main event.

Super Crazy defeated Joey Mercury, with a moonsault. After the match Kid Kash came down and attacked Juvi, whilst MNM beat up the Mexicools.

Boogeyman defeated a jobber, with the pump handle slam.

WWE US Championship: Match 3 In The Best Of Seven Series
Booker T defeated Chris Benoit, with a scissor kick. This now means that Booker leads the series 3-0.

Bobby Lashley defeated William Regal, with the Dominator.

Rey Mysterio & Batista defeated JBL & Orlando Jordan, after Batista used the Batista Bomb.