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1PW: Dec 13th Newsline

Four days and counting until the return of the UK’s number 1 new wrestling promotion. 1PW presents the NO TURNING BACK weekend on Friday January 6th and Saturday, January 7th 2006 at The Dome in Doncaster, South Yorkshire with a stellar line-up of stars including AJ STYLES, JEFF JARRETT, SAMOA JOE, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, STEVE CORINO and exclusive appearances by legendary world champion BRET “THE HITMAN” HART.

And with the holiday season upon us, what wrestling fan wouldn’t want Father Christmas to bring them a pair of tickets to see all the action and excitement of 1PW’s NO TURNING BACK weekend?


Amidst cries that 1PW is being run by “a bunch of slapnuts”, NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett continues to prepare for the NTB weekend and the daunting challenge that lays ahead. In order to qualify for the 1PW World title tournament, Jarrett will have to go through his arch-rival, AJ Styles in Saturday night’s main event.

If he makes it to Saturday, that is.

After having used some underhanded legals tactics to force his way into 1PW, Jarrett knew he wouldn’t be making any friends with the matchmakers. But how on earth could he have expected Bret Hart to step up and offer to bring a “mystery wrestler” to Doncaster to take him out?

“Where the hell does Bret Hart get the nerve to stick his nose into the King of the Mountain’s business? I want to know who the hell this mystery wrestler is”, Jarrett yelled in a recent phone call to the 1PW offices. “Is it some former tag partner of his? Someone his family trained? Someone IN his family? Some friend of his he knows doesn’t like me? Well, it doesn’t matter none. I’m not letting some two-bit retired Canadian slapnut or anyone he hangs out with get in the way of Planet Jarrett.”


TRACY SMOTHERS, one half of the SOUTHERN COMFORT tag team that will face off against AL SNOW and THE BLUE MEANIE at NTB, is unhappy. And when Tracy Smothers is unhappy, he makes sure a lot of other people are unhappy too.

What’s making Mr Smothers unhappy, you ask? Well, why don’t we let him tell you?

“I’m unhappy ‘cuz that idiot Meanie keeps callin’ my house all hours of the day and night botherin’ me. He sings the chorus from “Yellow Submarine” to me. He does his lame-ass Dave Chapelle impression for me. He asks me 20 times a day if I like cool ranch dressin’? Cool ranch dressin’? What in the name’a Stan Hansen is cool ranch dressin’? I AM GONNA KILL EVERYONE I SEE WHEN I GETS TO DONCASTER!”

Meanie, on the other hand, says he’s just fighting fire with fire. He knows that Smothers and partner CHRIS HAMRICK will have all kinds of shenanigans in store for their matches so he’s just “getting in the first shenan”. And, as he also told us, “a befuddled Tracy Smothers is a beatable Tracy Smothers”.


1PW color commentator (and soon-to-be 1PW wrestler) ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES is proud to announce that his personal website,, has completed its extensive overhaul and is back online. The site covers not just Mr James’ wrestling career but his entire life.

Several other 1PW stars have official websites which you might like to check out including,,,, Charlie Haas’ and Spud’s amongst others.

Next week: Newsline takes an in-depth look at the Fatal 4-way matches that 1PW has in-store for fans at NO TURNING BACK. Plus, information is starting to trickle in about 1PW’s March 2006 doubleshot. Already named the ALL OR NOTHING weekend, March 4th and 5th will include the 8-man, one-night World Title tournament as well as some huge new talent for 1PW fans to enjoy. We’ll give you the low-down on what we know, here in the Newsline.


The 1PW A Cruel Twist of Fate DVD is finally in stock. We send our sincere apologies out to all the fans that have been waiting for this, but the production on it has been much more improved and is definitely worth the wait. Hope you all love this DVD when you receive it, and don’t forget to leave feedback on the 1pw forums about this.


1PW No Turning Back tickets for both Friday Jan 6th and Saturday Jan 7th are on sale now, priced from £15 – £80, and available from the Dome Box Office on 0800 801 572, via the 1PW Ticket Line on 0870 224 2992, or available to purchase securely online via Bell time both nights is 7pm. Doors open at 6pm.

Premium Ticket Holders will be allowed access into the arena an extra hour earlier at 5pm where they will be able to watch an exclusive pre-show taping and enjoy picture and autograph opportunities with the 1PW Stars.

In addition to this, a variety of sponsorship and sky box packages are available. Please call the 1PW Ticket Line for information on 0870 224 2992.

When configured for wrestling the Dome holds just over 1,600 people, and due to its size and shape, is a very intimate venue for wrestling. We are sure you will agree there isn’t a bad seat in the house.


Visit 1PW online at for all the latest news on the No Turning Back weekend as well as our exciting range of DVDs and other merchandise. While you’re there, check out the media section for photos from a Cruel Twist of Fate, join the discussions in the 1PW Forums and browse through the Roster page to find out more about your favorite 1PW stars.