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WWE: Velocity & SmackDown! Results *Spoilers*

Below is brief results from last night’s Velocity and SmackDown! taping:

Dark Match:
– Aaron “The Idol” Stevens defeated Scotty 2 Hotty

Velocity Matches:
– Simon Dean defeated Brian Kendrick
– Paul Burchill defeated “John” Xavier
– Jamie Noble defeated Paul London
– Heidenreich & Animal defeated Nunizo & Vito

SmackDown! Matches:
Matt Hardy defeated JBL by counout, after The Boogeyman came out and stalked JBL

The Mexicools defeated The Dicks

WWE US Championship: Match 5 In The Best Of Seven Series
Chris Benoit defeated Randy Orton by DQ, after Sharmell hit Benoit with on of Booker’s crutches (Orton replaced a injured Booker T) Booker still leads series 3-2

Bobby Lashley defeated Sylvan by countout

WWE Tag Team Championships
MNM defeated Batista & Rey Mysterio (c) to win titles, after Mark Henry attacked Batista