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WWE: Stacy Keibler/Playboy, SmackDown’s TV Network To Merge & Spirit Squad/RAW

– Stacy Keibler was on Access Hollywood and was asked about Playboy.  Stacy said she was offered a few hundred thousand to pose.  She said that is more than she has ever made in wrestling for a year. She said she would even turn down Playboy for two million dollars, as she doesn’t want to show it all off.  She said that she wants things to be left to the imagination, and if she was destined to have a million dollars she would get it elsewhere.

– In what will be a major story within the TV industry, The WB Network and UPN will both shutter operations and merge into one new network, The CW Network. The new network will debut in the Fall of 2006.

There is no word yet on how this will effect WWE Smackdown, which has been a staple on UPN for years.

– For those who asked, the Spirit Squad members from tonight’s debut on Raw were:

*Ken Doane – Only 19 or 20 and has a world of potential, had a great feud with Brent Albright and CM Punk over the OVW TV title and is a good talker. He’s as good or better than Randy Orton was at the same stage of his career.

*Johnny Jeter – A major focal point in Ohio Valley Wrestling over the last several months, feuding with former Thrillseekers partner Matt Cappotelli over the OVW title. OVW recently did an angle where Jeter lost his title and hair. This set up a vignette where the Squad gave Jeter his outfit to cheer him up after he had “lost everything.”

*Nick Nemeth – Formerly Kerwin White’s caddy on Raw.

*Mike Mondo – Developmental talent originally from New York area.

*Nick Mitchell – Competed in last year’s Million Dollar Tough Enough competition.