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WWE: McMahon Changes His Mind, Angle Article & WWE/Lesnar Case Postponed

– has announced that Mr. McMahon has changed his mind and has decided that the superstars will not pick their Royal Rumble entry numbers online on Sunday afternoon, but rather he will personally oversee the drawing during the Pay-per-view itself.

– WWE World champion Kurt Angle was interviewed in today’s edition of the Miami Herald. To read click here.

– Today’s scheduled hearing regarding Brock Lesnar vs. WWE in Hartford, CT has been postponed until Wednesday 2/8. WWE’s attorneys requested the hearing be moved as they were unavailable today and the court allowed the request. The original hearing was set for 1/25 but was pushed back to today when a court reporter took ill. WWE’s counsel was unable to work their schedules around the new date.

Judge Christopher F. Droney will be hearing arguments over whether WWE should be allowed to depose Lesnar’s primary attorney David Bradley Olsen. WWE contends that they need to depose Olsen in order to formulate their argument against Lesnar’s lawsuit. Each side will receive 20 minutes to argue their position. Should Droney side with Lesnar against allowing the deposition, that may open the doors for a ruling on the case as he had previously stated he would issue a judgment if WWE did not provide him with an argument against it.

The Associated Press picked up on the Lesnar lawsuit story yesterday, nearly a year after it was first filed, so expect it to be covered in a lot of markets internationally in the coming days.