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IPW:UK: Vampiro, Sydal & Delirious Signed For "Unfinished Business" & More



» That’s right – three massive names from around the world will be appearing at Unfinished Business come March 19th. Below is all the information that is available to us as it stands:

Sydal vs. Delirious vs. Reed vs. Robinson!

» Matt Sydal & Delirious – Ring of Honor, IWA:Mid South and many many more.

Paul Robinson & Ashley Reed – IPW:UK, Dropkixx, Summit Wrestling and many many more.

All four men have wrestled for the cream of the crop in their respective country’s independent scene. When people think of ‘up and comers’ in promotions, those four names come up time and time again. Robinson with his quick kicks and amazing in-ring speed, Reed with his agility and swift body movement, as well as his ability to take take take and then give out three times harder.

With Delirious, it’s all in the name. He’s been in TNA Wrestling, he had the honour of going to an hour-long time limit with CM Punk in Punk’s last match in IWA:Mid South, and he’s had massive feuds with one man – Matt Sydal.

Sydal is the winner of 2005’s Ted Petty Invitational – a massive tournament, with some of the absolute cream of the crop of the Indy scene. If one man in the world will amaze you to the extent of Ashley Reed with his sheer agility and body contortions, it would be Matt Sydal.

With any other four men, you may expect the two promotions to gang up on each other. But given Sydal and Delirious’ past, and the coming future of Reed and Robinson, collusion is really just NOT an option.

Vampiro Is In The House!

» Last time out, ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas managed to get the shock upset win when he took out former WCW star, Vampiro, in their hardcore style brawl. Douglas, who clearly realised early on what he had gotten himself into, used his clear speed advantage make up for his also clear height deficit, and got the one two three.

After the match, Vampiro challenged Douglas to a Cage Match in January. The ‘New Superstar’ declined the match instantly, stating that a). he wouldn’t be caught dead in a cage match, especially not in England, and b). he wasn’t booked to wrestle on January, and because of this, certainly wouldn’t be committing to the date now.

With Vampiro in the house, it remains to be seen whether he will want to avenge his loss against the ‘New Superstar’, or whether he’ll forget it all and move onto pastures new. One thing that is for sure is that so far, Douglas will NOT be on the show. What a wimp…

IPW:UK Champion Martin Stone Added To PWG Show & More!

» It was announced today that due to the unfortunate withdrawal of Jack Evans from the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla European Vacation, several card changes have had to be made to both shows. This has severely benefited one man – IPW:UK Champion, Martin Stone.

Originally considered for a spot on the card, he missed out when Roderick Strong became available, and was left sat with his tail between his legs. But with Evans pulling out, his original berth as the opponent for world-wide star and one half of the Havanna Pitbulls, Ricky Reyes, once again became available. So, in addition to having to defend his title against Andy Boy Simmonz on February 18th, Martin Stone will now go one-on-one in a non-title match against Ricky Reyes (ALSO in the Orpington Halls) on February 19th! Martin Stone joins fellow IPW:UK wrestlers Aviv Maayan, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch & Spud on the card – for full information, check out

And then, in addition, should Martin Stone still be champion on April 15th, he will take on former IPW:UK champion Aviv Maayan on the FWA Academy Supercard in Portsmouth. Maayan, the man Stone won the title from originally, has never claimed his title rematch. Should Stone lose the title to Andy Boy Simmonz, or his opponent on March 19th, it will still be Stone vs. Maayan (just without the title), because Stone himself has signed the contract – not IPW:UK as a promotion. More information can be found on

In Other News:

— Both ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm and ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch have been added to the card for Unfinished Business. Both men will be away in Germany for A Taste of IPW, but are signed on for March 19th.

— And a big congratulations to Chasyn Rance – on February 11th, he will make his TNA Wrestling iMPACT debut on national television in America, as he takes on X Division Champion and former IPW:UK star Samoa Joe, and fellow newcomer to TNA, Jay Lethal. Fans in the UK will be able to check this match out just ONE week later on the Wrestling Channel, on SKY tv channel 427.

Therefore the current card for Unfinished Business on Sunday March 19th 2006 stands as:

IPW:UK Title Match
Martin Stone (c) vs. TBC Contender

IPW:UK Tag Title Match
AK47 (c) vs. TBC Contenders

Suicidal Four-Way Mayhem – IPW:UK Meets IWA:Mid South
Ashley Reed vs. Matt Sydal vs. Paul Robinson vs. Delirious

Plus more IPW:UK regulars (including Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch) in action AND the return to IPW:UK of the one and only VAMPIRO!

— IPW:UK presents “Unfinished Business”, Sunday March 19th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children) and £20 ringside. Family ticket available for £30. Birthdays and Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler:

— IPW:UK also presents “A Taste Of IPW”, Saturday February 18th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Doors 6:00pm, show starts 6.30pm. Tickets £10 general admission (£5 children). Family ticket available for £25. Ringside £15!! Birthdays and Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler: