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T3C: WWE No Way Out 2006 Preview

Wrestlemania is around the corner, predictable results could be even closer. Time to preview ‘No Way Out’…

No Way Out, Inevitability just can’t escape

It’s the final PPV before Wrestlemania and after this we’ll know at least two of the Smackdown matches at Wrestlemania 22, so I better get on with the preview hadn’t I?

World Heavyweight Title: Kurt Angle v The Undertaker

You know what I wish they’d made this the main event for Smackdown at Wrestlemania. The pair are guaranteed to put on a good match and Vince could have gone way over the top with the special effects for Undi’s entrance and it’s a match we haven’t seen too much of in recent years. But no, it’s the main event of what is virtually a Wrestlemania semi-final and it’s almost totally overshadowed by the Orton v Mysterio match.

This isn’t your everyday WWE match as it’s face v face though I can’t understand why they turned Angle face and surely this was a chance to turn Undertaker heel. Well, that’s Vince and his talented writers decision, so is Undertaker about to become champion? Sadly no, the nightmare here is that Mark Henry is on his way down to the ring (he’s probably starting around now) to interfere and set up his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, can’t wait for that one, NOT! So Angle is going to retain his title here that’s for sure, but who does he face at Wrestlemania?

Number One Contender match: Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton

If the rumours are right then this is a pointless exercise. Angle is likely to be defending against both these two in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. That probably means Orton gets a more than dodgy win at No Way Out and then Theo gives Mysterio a title shot out of sympathy. The whole build-up to this has been rather tasteless to say the least with the use of Eddie Guerrero’s name constantly and in a way that makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach. I go for Orton to win.

US Title: Booker T v Chris Benoit

The US Title may have a storyline and a continuing feud but it’s been more than farcical thanks to Booker’s injury. How can he allow Orton to get wins which make him champion and then let Finlay defend his belt? I wonder what Batista is thinking of all this after he had to give up the World title due to injury. I fear for Booker as The Boogeyman is after him and the thought of a feud with him must scare any pro wrestler. Will Boogeyman worm his way into this match tonight? I think he just might do that and I go for Benoit to get the title at No Way Out

Tag Titles: MNM v Matt Hardy and ?

Don’t get your hopes up because the Hardy Boyz reunion is not going to happen this weekend if ever. At least this represents a slight boost for Hardy even if it means his singles run is over. Who tags with him? Animal is an odds on shot I’m afraid. Will they get the titles from the impressive MNM? I don’t think so but I see this feud running till Wrestlemania by which time Animal could be in the Hall of Fame.

Cruiserweight Title: Gregory Helms v the rest of the cruiserweight division

Why can’t we just have a one-on-one feud for this belt? The big question is whether Kid Kash will be able to wrestle, the other question is does anyone really bother who wins? The Cruiserweight division has potential but it’s just too confusing at present. I go for Helms to retain the belt and hopefully set up a proper feud with either Nunzio, Kid Kash or Paul London.

Lashley v JBL

So JBL stumbles along and Lashley wonders if he is going to get a big push. I don’t think either are destined for great feuds in the coming months. JBL is over-exposed and Lashley is just another big strong guy. I go for JBL to get a dodgy win and carry the feud onto Wrestlemania.

Hopefully the match on Heat might give Burchill a chance to show what he can do. This isn’t a bad card but there’s an air of inevitability hanging over it, go on Vince remember NYR and give us a shock!

Stephen Ashfield