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Transcript Of LDN’s Sanjay Bagga On Wrestling Radio

This past Sunday, Wrestling Radio Live (the UK’s #1 live internet radio show) had Sanjay Bagga of LDN Wrestling on as a guest. Bagga, egged on by presenters Mitchell Jones and Colin Gear, discussed 1PW, LDN and the FWA amongst other UK-related topics.

– Sanjay Bagga joins the show. Mitchell hypes Sanjay’s views on the FWA and is corrected on the location of FWAs current home base.

– Sanjay mentions LDN A Heart Of Stone and that the show is a close to a 300 sell-out. Colin asks if any promoter likes turning away a profit and Sanjay offers Kriss Sprules as a possibility.

– Sanjay brings up the newspaper hype for the LDN show and then goes on to talk about the PWG show in the UK. He doesn’t know much about PWG and neither Mitchell or Colin seem to be any more knowledgeable about it. Sanjay doesn’t see why PWG should come over here and draw if they don’t draw much in the United States. Talk turns to IPW:UK and Andy Simmonz. Sanjay declares that he isn’t a huge fan of internet-related feuds, which Mitchell agrees with. Sanjay mentions FWA catering to the internet fans and Mitchell asks him about the relaunch. Sanjay didn’t think it was the FWA that fans were used to.

– Mitchell wonders if IPW:UK will go the same way and Sanjay thinks they will, citing matches being too long amongst other things. Mitchell asks if IPW might go down the 1PW supershow route and if 1PW will hurt UK wrestling. Sanjay thinks they will and states that 1PW is making a number of mistakes, also bringing up that his American-less shows are drawing as many as some with American stars. Colin notes that fans simply want to go to watch wrestling that is available to them, and Sanjay says that there aren’t enough businessmen in wrestling, only marks promoting shows.

– Someone in the chatroom asks what LDNs long term growth strategy is. Sanjay says that his aim is to expand on his three main promoting areas, get his own wrestling ring and set up a second training school in Romford, Essex before running even more shows. Colin wonders about the ring from 2001’s Revival event, and both he and Sanjay compare it to a bouncy castle. Sanjay points out how important a ring actually is and tells a story of the Japanese stars from the TWC supershows giving their reaction to the size and quality of the UK ring provided.

– The chatroom circulates a picture of Sanjay and most find him sexy, but most are males, which amuses him. Sanjay mentions wrestling merchandise, especially for LDN, and Colin proposes t-shirts with Sanjay’s face on. Sanjay brings up his security team due to having to run from some of his fans after comments in character towards the town.

– Sanjay brings up Enfield and believes that the FWA killed the fan base there due to bad booking, and hopes to rebuild it with LDN. He also hopes that he can build a fan base willing to travel from venue to venue. Mitchell rips on FWA TV and wonders if FWA or LDN will be on TWC any time soon. Sanjay is working on improving the production for LDN with TV-quality cameras and unique music thanks to Rusty Music that will make LDN better produced than most of the current TWC programming. He does not, however, feel that FWA will get back on the channel.

– Sanjay finishes by running down the card for A Heart Of Stone with only around 20-30 tickets left, and hopes he doesn’t get beaten up by the crowd, suggesting that his mother could carry a brick in her purse to protect him. The show ends with all three insulting random people and places, especially Doncaster.

To hear the show, head to and check out the Archives section. To listen to the live show every Sunday at 7pm, go to the website and click on “Listen” to be taken to the live stream.