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CPW: First Champion To Be Crowned On April 8th & More

“Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton live on RTE 2 Saturday

Blake Norton will be making his fifth appearance on RTE’s hit youth television show, “Sattitude,” this coming Saturday, March 11th. Unlike past appearances, this time he appears as himself, as one of the top wrestlers on the European scene takes on the challenge of a member of the studio audience.

He may have conquered The Amazing Insano last week in Dublin, and Darkside the week before in England, but can The Celtic Tiger take on the challenge of Sattitude’s top contender? Find out this Saturday at 10am on RTE 2!

First Ever Champion to be crowned at Celtic Pro 7 on April 8th in Dublin!

Celtic Pro Wrestling commissioner Ross Hart has announced that the company will crown its first-ever heavyweight champion at Celtic Pro 7 on April 8th.

The event will take place at Celtic Pro’s home base of Drimnagh, at the Good Counsel GAA hall. The tournament will be held in single-elimination format. Seven matches between eight of Ireland’s top professional wrestlers will decide the winner, and inaugural Celtic Pro Heavyweight Champion.

The full listing of stars for the tournament will be announced in coming days on – visit the website for more information about the show.

Cabray, Breslin Uncertain For Tournament

At press time, the status of Joey Cabray and Alex Breslin for Celtic Pro 7 on April 8th is in doubt. An incident took place on March 5th in Dundalk, where Adam Joyce attacked Breslin upon losing his match to Neil Frenzy. Breslin, who had been recovering from a shoulder injury, was serving as the guest ring announcer for the evening. Joyce blindsided her with a wrench to her injured shoulder, and when Joey Cabray rushed to the ring to defend his friend, Joyce’s charge Darragh Galligan blindsided Cabray. It was a clear set-up.

Joey Cabray and Adam Joyce have been at odds ever since Joyce took advantage of circumstances to eliminate Cabray from the Celtic Rumble in November. The cocky Joyce began proclaiming himself “giant killer” shortly thereafter. While few pundits would give Joyce a chance against the powerhouse Cabray in a one-on-one match, Joyce has managed to use his J-Team members Darragh Galligan and David Dunn as a shield to keep Cabray at a distance thus far, while continuing to promote his apparent ring superiority at Cabray’s expense.

On the night in question, both Cabray and Breslin were left hurt in the ring and needed assistance to the back. We will have an update on their conditions on in the upcoming weeks, and are expecting an imminent statement from Ross Hart regarding the actions of Adam Joyce and his “J-Team.”

RESULTS: Saturday, March 4th: Dublin at the Good Counsel GAA Club, Davitt Road, Dublin 12

1. Kid Richie def. David Dunn (w/ Adam Joyce) via pinfall
2. Danny Demento def. Alex Breslin
3. Cosa Nostra (Napalm Hamilton & Max Martello) def. The J-Team (Adam Joyce & Darragh Galligan)
4. Celtic Tiger Blake Norton  (w/ James Coleman) def. The Amazing Insano
5. Joey Cabray def. “All Star” Anthony Idol (w/ James Coleman)

RESULTS: Sunday, March 5th: Dundalk at the Blackrock Community Center

1. Joey Cabray def. “All Star” Anthony Idol  (w/ James Coleman)
2. Danny Demento def. Darragh Galligan (w/ Adam Joyce)
3. The Amazing Insano def. Kid Richie
4. Forbes Kelly def. Adam Joyce via pinfall
5. Napalm Hamilton (w/ Max “The Hammer” Martello) def. “Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton  (w/ James Coleman)

Adam Joyce Injured

Adam Joyce broke his collarbone competing against a debuting Forbes Kelly on Sunday’s Celtic Pro Wrestling show in Dundalk. The injury occurred when Kelly hit him with his tornado facebuster for the win. Joyce will be out 4 – 6 weeks, and doctors are considering surgery options. He had no official comment at press time, but was thought to be planning a measure of revenge with Darragh Galligan and David Dunn, who Joyce will continue to manage as he recovers.

Further information about Celtic Pro Wrestling can be viewed at the company website or contact us via phone at  (086) 404-1117